7 things which will be made by the man only if really love

7 things which will be made by the man only if really love

The man in love is capable of a lot of things including on refusal from it the established rules. Even the most brutal character changes under the influence of strong feelings and begins to behave unusually. Having noticed one of the listed signs (and it is better at once a little) the woman can be sure: this person to her is obviously not indifferent.

He listens

It is considered that women are auditory. However women wish and to chat, and not always on the subjects interesting to men. Friends, chiefs, brothers and fathers can just interrupt this lovely twitter. But the loving partner with pleasure will listen, will be surprised, will admire or will even give a valuable advice (if about it to ask it). The secret of such compliance is simple: simply it gives pleasure to lover to hear a voice of the lady, besides he values time spent together.

It concedes in the main thing and in trifles

The small and large disputes passing into quarrels and quarrels are frequent even among the closest. Sometimes the simple discrepancy of views or unsuccessfully told word can lead to scandal, and even to parting. Naturally, the loving man does not want such final. And it concedes even if the girl is not right. Subconscious rejection of a dispute says that the man is afraid of a gap and values the girlfriend. It should adopt this scenario too: as soon as the partner laid down arms, the dispute needs to be stopped. The patience and condescension of men are not boundless!

 Without problems communicates with girlfriends and relatives of darling

Perhaps, the man of the girl, not delighted with talkative girlfriends, hardly transfers lectures of her mother, and considers a dog by a fiend. For tranquility of darling he will hide hostility, having tried to find positive lines in relatives and friends. Of course, unconditionally the man will hardly be able to fall in love with all, but quiet communication costs much too. If the relations with the family and friends develop hardly, it is better to minimize meetings: at distance even the most unpleasant people will seem more nice.

Considers the woman the most beautiful

You should not be shown constantly before the man fully equipped: in a sexual dress, with a hairstyle and a full make-up. He loves the woman any: sleepy, uncombed, tear-stained, tired. The sudden herpes, swelled up a little eyelids or which swelled up in a visible place a pimple – not an occasion to cancel an appointment. Eventually men are not ideal too, but companions easily forgive them imperfections. If the partner criticizes appearance of the girlfriend, expresses discontent or laughs, it is worth thinking: and whether really he is in love?

Is proud of achievements

Really loving man never perceives the girlfriend as the competitor. Her good luck he worries also brightly, as well as the. Salary increase, a sudden award, the honors degree or a prestigious business trip – an occasion not for envy, and for sincere congratulations. Attempts to slightly belittle achievements or to compare them to own – a disturbing call. The painful vanity badly gets on with sincere love. Of course, during a rose and candy stage the man very much constrains emotions, but what will be then?

Does not hide the feelings

Usually men do not love public embraces, kisses, romantic sms and other manifestations of tenderness. But the sincere love changes even the most brutal person, opening the gentle parties of his nature. The man who is not hesitating to bring for work to the girl a huge bouquet, sending it video messages with romantic pictures or buying amusing plush toys is obviously in love. Point frequent touches, desire to take the girl by hand or to slightly embrace her to the same.

The real check of feelings – behavior in the company of men. The aspiration to separate from friends, having preferred them society of the girl – an indicator of very strong feelings. You should not confuse gentle touches and views with persistent stickings or public kisses. The last option is characteristic of very young people and speaks rather about desire to show the feelings, than to endure them sincerely and deeply.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team