Adequacy – what is it, the existing criteria, definition in psychology

Adequacy – what is it, the existing criteria, definition in psychology

In different situations the people behave unequally. Their relation to the events depends on a set of factors: education, life experience, temperament, character. In the modern world many use such assessment of behavior as adequacy, but that actually means this term know units.

What is adequacy?

In psychology understand degree of explanation of actions of the individual as the term. It is used for assessment of actions of a certain person. In this case there is a comparison of his behavior with standard models of the relations in society. Generally the adequacy is a compliance of a situation. The term is used in some scientific disciplines: to mathematics, physics, econometrics. It is applied to assessment of the made models which need more detailed study.

Criteria of adequacy

How the person behaves in society, directly affects his career, the relations in family, but it is impossible to present the individual who would not have the smallest delusions. Because of it the principles of adequacy in psychology are indistinct. There is no accurately established algorithm which needs to be followed to seem to sane people around. The concept adequacy is considered within separate situations and concrete society.

Modern psychologists mark out some criteria by which judge sanity of the person:

  • control of emotions;
  • social activity;
  • skill to communicate;
  • high vigor;
  • aspiration to achievement of the goals;
  • an opportunity to test a wide range of feelings (joy, a grief, sympathy).

Adequacy in psychology

About normality of the person the doctors judge by his ability to realize and control the actions. When choosing tactics of behavior the individual can lean on the standard ideals or on personal beliefs. Psychologists speak about adequacy of the person if he feels comfortable, quietly solves problems and surely moves to goals. It is impossible to call isolated cases of emotional meltdowns abnormal behavior. The inadequacy of the individual is shown when failures at him happen regularly.

How do psychiatrists define adequacy of the person?

Doctors estimate sanity of the person on the developed algorithm:

  1. Conversation with the patient. During it the psychiatrist estimates adequacy of the person on ability quickly and quietly to answer questions. The expert defines presence of diseases of nervous system at close relatives.
  2. Somatic research. The psychiatrist pays attention to appearance of the person: its constitution, condition of skin and mucous structures. The adequate has no injuries on knee and elbow bends, a stomach.
  3. Therapeutic research of respiratory organs, reproductive system. At inadequate individuals the tachycardia, violation of a menstrual cycle is observed (at women).

How to check the person for adequacy?

It is independently possible to check the interlocutor for sanity. For this purpose he needs to correlate actions of the individual to signs of adequate behavior. The sane person will not become:

  • to deride people around;
  • it is furious to adhere to the theory which nobody supports;
  • it is regular to fall into a depression;
  • to summon intentionally at people negative attitude;
  • it is blind to follow others beliefs.

The sanity of the person is demonstrated by his adequate self-assessment. Such persons crucially treat themselves, thanks to it they are capable to see and analyze mistakes accurately. This quality allows them to transfer with firmness failures and it is correct to behave in unusual situations. Deranged persons blame other people for the failures more often, without noticing own offenses.

How to learn adequacy?

The individual can change himself and the attitude towards people around. For this purpose he does not need to know what means adequacy. You should not go deep into psychological terms as they are a little clear to the people who do not have vocational education. It is necessary to follow simple advice to behave as the adequate person:

  • to take for granted vital events;
  • to lead a healthy lifestyle (it will allow to avoid emotional overexcitation);
  • to achieve a goal;
  • not to accuse others of the failures;
  • to laugh only when it is acceptable;
  • not to shock people around with the acts.

The adequate behavior can be developed independently. It is for this purpose recommended to read the books written in a genre of personal diaries and notes. Dialogues with the strong opponent allow to learn sanity. Adequate people are capable to have positive impact on individuals who have problems with behavior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team