Amphetamine dependence

Amphetamine dependence

Amphetamine is a psikhotimuliruyushchy medicine which is used in medicine for temporary activization of forces and also is used as drug that, naturally, is forbidden. Most frequent "admirers" of amphetamine are the teenagers, students, long-distance truck drivers and girls wishing to lose weight. The reasons of amphetamine dependence of these groups of persons are in a method of impact of medicine on mentality and human physiology.

After reception

Directly after intake of amphetamine, people feels euphoria, rise in forces and self-confidence. Mental capacities, endurance increase, there is no need of a dream and food. There is a feeling of comprehensive love, the sexual excitability very often increases. The persons which accepted amphetamine seek to help people around though this help for the normal person looks ridiculously, it is not necessary and it is strange.


Skilled "amfetaminshchik" loving call amphetamine medicines "AIDS", is from the speed of their action. Amphetamine immediately gets from blood into internals and by that, "is pretty fast utilized", and the effect of euphoria passes. Therefore signs of amphetamine dependence are shown after the first reception when at once there is a repeated intake of amphetamine.

However repeated reception has absolutely other picture. Euphoria is changed by rage, rage, aggression, feeling of prosecution. The addict feels continuous shadowing and when it becomes impossible to disappear, in his opinion, he goes to the attack and begins to pursue the one who, kind of, watched it. As a result: violence, fights and murders. Also cases of homosexual violence are frequent.


The physiological picture after intake of amphetamine looks so:

  • expanded pupils;
  • the strengthened heartbeat;
  • arrhythmia;
  • tremor (shiver) of extremities.


Treatment of amphetamine dependence can directly be done after intake of medicine or after long abstention. The attempt to wash out a stomach and to cause vomiting, however without the assistance of doctors it hardly to turn out can be "ambulance" in given a case. Amphetamine, as well as any other drug addiction, has the mental and physical form.

Physical dependence it is simple to be treated, in 2-4 weeks in a hospital.

Much more difficult the situation with mental dependence is, this process already depends on the identity of the patient, his character, will power, well more, and, after all, his desires to get rid of dependence. This process can last and year.

If the patient – the strong, strong-willed personality, then is much easier to cope with mental dependence. However most often, patients are weak-willed people, are inclined to different dependences.


The Internet is full of any recipes of disposal of amphetamine dependence, however all of them save from physical manifestations. Treatment of the house mental amphetamine dependence without experienced expert will not bear any fruits.


After long intake of amphetamine medicines, it will be necessary to treat not only amphetamine dependence, but also its consequences. It can be hallucinations, violations of a cardiovascular system, a spasm, vomiting, a shiver, impotence, diarrhea, and even paranoia. Amphetamine is split in a liver and removed by kidneys for this reason the renal and liver failure is usual consequences of drug taking. The amphetamine dependence leads to a starvation of reserves of an organism, after reception the patients demand a long dream which, however, does not cope with recovery functions of such scale.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team