Alcoholic psychosis – symptoms and treatment

Alcoholic psychosis – symptoms and treatment

Alcoholic psychosis, symptoms and which treatment will be covered in this article is a consequence of systematic abuse of alcoholic beverages. Such state develops at persons only during long hard drinking because causes its not alcohol, but products of its disintegration are toxins.

Symptoms of alcoholic psychosis

Today allocate several types of mental disorders with symptoms, various, characteristic of each look. However, there are general parameters getting under one term of alcoholic psychosis, here they:

  • insomnia;
  • tremor of extremities;
  • not leaving feeling of alarm;
  • frequent change of mood;
  • excessive activity;
  • prosecution mania, paranoia and hallucinations;
  • pseudo-paralyzes, both all body, and separate extremities;
  • nistagma and stone look;
  • block and detachment;
  • thoughts of suicide;
  • aggression;
  • nonsense.

Than to treat alcoholic psychosis?

Treatment of alcoholic psychosis of the house – an impracticable task. It is possible to facilitate its physical state, having caused on the house of the narcologist, but to cope with mental disorders really only in the conditions of medical institution where there is an opportunity to limit movements of the patient for prevention of infliction of harm as to itself, and people around. Bring out of abstinency of the person by infuzny therapy, combining it with use of strong psychotropic drugs for elimination of symptoms of psychosis. To the patient enter salt solution and high doses of B1 vitamin. Further provide intake of vitamins quicker to restore an organism after long poisoning with alcohol disintegration products.

The dose of medicines is appointed by the doctor and constantly it is corrected, as well as all structure of therapy, that is why the patient is required to be placed in clinic, besides only in its walls it is possible to provide the correct care for the patient.


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