As girls do not need to arrive

As girls do not need to arrive

Girls are fragile and gentle beings. They are more limited to a moral framework and foundations of society, than the man. Some "framework" is too strict, and some – are very acquitted.


1. To use foul language constantly. The dirty words which are taking off from a mouth of the sensual beauty at least once a minute do not add charm, and create only an image of the rude boor. The person abusing a mat cannot make an impression cultural and educated.

2. To abuse alcohol and cigarettes. The stereotype which developed in the last 20 years "the girl + cigarettes + alcohol the = the liberated, modern woman", successfully supported by advertizing of tobacco and alcoholic drinks, has nothing in common with reality. The woman is subconsciously perceived by the man as future mother and the wife. Besides, facts of common knowledge: female alcoholism is not treated, and smoking leads to the mass of diseases. To whom hunting to cast in the lot with the lady from whom smells of the reek of alcohol and the clothes are impregnated with aroma of nicotine.

3. To consider that if she is a woman, so always the rights and it have to concede. Some women actively operate an image of the woman and are sincerely sure that the man is obliged to concede in any difficult situation to it. In a dispute, in fight for a new position, in turn in shop … Such girl expects that it will become awkward to man to fight against it and he will be discharged of the competition. In the modern world the man and the woman are equal therefore do not hope for similar "indulgences".

4. To openly provoke the man to sexual harassments. First, such behavior will make about you an impression, as about the thoughtless young lady who is looking for sex without obligations. If you want the man to call back to you next morning, you should not make an impression of sexually anxious lady. Secondly, such behavior can bring a great deal of trouble. The woman's time provoke men to rape. Therefore, you do not come further flirtation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team