Behavior after the quarrel: how to ask forgiveness from the guy?

Behavior after the quarrel: how to ask forgiveness from the guy?

In any relations there are quarrels and scandals. It is unpleasant, but other way to express the emotions does not exist. Quarrels give an excellent shake-up to any relations, the main thing that the reason was not far-fetched. It is very important to understand in time that the small dispute can develop into big scandal with much more serious consequences.

Often the strong offense, pride, fear to be rejected, prevent the girl to take the first step and to ask for the guy of forgiveness. In general, it is better to do it not at once, and after a while. It is connected with the fact that through some time you begin to understand the wrongfulness more clearly. After that it is necessary accurately for to understand that you have to take the first step and apologize. It is possible to begin with simple words if the guy already calmed down, he will forgive at once. However if the young man is still offended and feels offended, it is necessary to try and ask forgiveness beautifully and originally.

If you took courage and took the first step, and did not forgive you, do not take offense, it is possible to make several attempts. But keep in mind if after the third attempt there are no results, leave the man alone, you do not call him every day with entreaties, let time think. However the following step has to be made already from its party.

It is possible to apologize to the guy in the original way, for example, having invited him to soccer, hockey, boxing, a concert, cinema, or having called to drive by motor ship, to jump with a parachute, at last. It is possible to call in allies of his best friend and together with him to organize a similar action. It is also possible to organize a picnic in the country or to organize a meeting in cafe or bar. The main thing, it know that it is pleasant to the guy, then it is possible to think up one hundred various options to apologize.

Very important after reconciliation to try to hold the promises made each other. Remember that people who value the relations always try to reach compromise and to agree with the second half. Learn to put yourself to the place of other person, trying to understand that he feels at present.

Do not forget that, sometimes, having given in to bad mood or a rush of emotions, people unfairly offend close people.

Often rash acts or accidentally pronounced words become the cause of a quarrel, and, responsible she will be you. Unfortunately, it is quite widespread situation, but it needs to be solved adequately, without having spoiled at the same time the relation. Only recognition of the fault and courage to recognize it will be the right decision in this case, having asked forgiveness. The first that comes to mind to most of people - it is to write the message with a request you to excuse, it is much more difficult to pronounce these words, ironing the person in eyes. But not in forces to transfer neither phone, nor the computer your emotions to this moment, you will not be able to show the repentance. If the girl hesitates to begin a conversation of the first, then it is possible to email a card in which the main feelings will be given.

It is possible to attach the offer to talk to the message, it is possible that the man will let know after that that he is ready to a conversation.

When you are ready to ask forgiveness for the guy, try to call him and to take an interest whether it is ready to meet you. Having received consent, take with yourself something tasty, and at a meeting apologize at once, having recognized that you were wrong. It would be quite good to explain the reason of the behavior, but to do it it is necessary quietly, without charges and notations. It is possible to offer to make in a comic form to the guy amends. For example, promise not to make within a week to him any remarks or to go together with him to soccer all days off. Remember that the humour is capable to relieve any most intense tension. In reconciliation it is possible to arrange a romantic dinner or walk in favourite places. Sometimes your darling can take offense so strongly that he just will be to ask forgiveness insufficiently. For example, if he considered itself very offended, it is necessary to apologize more than once. In this case, that to correct everything, it is necessary to begin with straight talk. In such conversation words will be very important that you do not wait for fast forgiveness. Besides, surely it is necessary to add that the guy has full authority to take offense. During the conversation it is necessary to repeat several times that you value your relations and are afraid to lose them. The man needs to give time for thought. When you apologize, it is not necessary to call every day him and to sob in a tube, he, of course, will forgive you, but the situation and will remain not resolved, and the remained unpleasant deposit will develop into big scandal over time. Besides, in the relations the rough manipulation and blackmail is inadmissible, it is also not necessary to fill up for the sake of forgiveness the guy with expensive gifts. It is impossible to shift all blame for the incident on the young man since one more, more serious quarrel can become result of a similar conversation.

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