By what gentle words to call the guy

By what gentle words to call the guy

Correctly picked up nickname for darling will help to create the atmosphere of proximity and intimacy in the relations. Gentle words will show your love, and some of them will help to be adjusted on the necessary mood in a bed.


1. If it is optional to you that the nickname of the beloved was superoriginal, then use widespread options. They from this value will not lose, and less pleasant will not become. Everyone can quote their list long enough: "sun", "paw", "hare". If attentively to analyze them everything, then it is quite possible to pick up what will be on heart to you and will be pleasant to the man.

2. The second widespread option is the address with use of adjectives: "darling", "favourite", etc. The similar address will be pleasant to any man.

3. In addition it is possible to use a diminutive-hypocoristic form of a name of the guy. For example, to call its Andryusha or Leshik. If to show imagination, it is possible to think up derivative words from his surname. It is so possible to think up really original nickname for darling.

4. Very often the woman compares the man to some animal, using him in caressing and diminutive sounding. Observe the person dear to you what habits of an animal you will see in his daily behavior? The typical mighty bear becoming at you a kind and playful bear cub can near you. Or it is more similar to a full well-groomed cat who likes to collapse imposingly on a sofa in front of the TV. The good option to address a horoscope: "skorpionchik", "козерожек" - too quite acceptable nicknames.

5. At the same time do not forget that names of some animals and birds can be associated with insult. Very few people will want to be "porosyonochok", "goat" or "cockerel". But, if you want, you can try and it, is only obligatory in a playful form.

6. Do not forget about habits of your man and traits of character inherent in it. If to it is not present equal in a bed, then he with pride and pleasure will respond on the nicknames "my stallion" or "my giant". The tendency to the last will not cause to hide the head under a pillow on the weekend at the man of objections against tender – "mine the sleepyhead".

7. But do not forget that this intimate nickname, and it is necessary to use it only alone. For example, in a bed it will be quite appropriate and will help the man to be adjusted on the necessary wave. And if to use it at friends or acquaintances, can become a reason for sneers, let and friendly, but all the same unpleasant.

8. Do not use those from them which were not pleasant to your man. It is easy to understand it on its reaction to your gentle: "cat" or "hare". Pick up other tender nickname that all were satisfied.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team