Cultivation of raspberry

Cultivation of raspberry

- is today one of the most favourite berry cultures which is put by most of summer residents. We would like to share with readers experience in cultivation of this of berry, tasty and useful to health, the hands.

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As raspberry grows

It is not the really big bush having the features and a need. At raspberry an underground part of a plant has a long-term cycle of development. And above the ground a part of a plant consists only of biannual branches on which the harvest is formed then and also the plant consists of one-year escapes of replacement. It is known that in the fall otplodonosivshy branches of a plant die, and near the basis of a root kidneys for creation of escapes next year appear.

This quite long-living plant. Change of the fructifying branches happens every year, it proceeds within nine-ten years, after that begins to fade gradually. Usually the raspberry bush under normal conditions lives about fifteen years. Additional roots originate from a rhizome of a plant, they are located at the initial level of the soil which has thickness from ten to forty centimeters. Roots grow in the majority in the horizontal direction. On roots at raspberry so-called additional kidneys are formed then, on them in the first year rudiments of newer escapes which do not come to the surface of the soil will develop.

Where it is better to plant raspberry

It is known that raspberry this quite photophilous plant, but at the same time it not bad takes out a penumbra, for example, from trees on the seasonal dacha. It should be taken into account that the harvest in this case will be much less, than if it grew in the sun. It is not necessary to plant raspberry in such places where the soil is strongly moistened or where water for a long time is late. And at a noticeable lack of water the general productivity of bushes of raspberry very sharply decreases, as a result of berry become much more small, sometimes dry out.

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