Fear of water

Fear of water

Each of us has fears – we are afraid of the angry chief, spiders, height, the closed space, even usual water! Fear of water – a phobia very widespread, both among children, and among adult population. And it is at all not care, but wild horror which covers the people suffering from this misfortune. Not everyone knows how fear of water is called, and it is called "aquafobiya".

Any fear is the our fixed reaction to a concrete factor, most often we get the fears in the childhood. Aquafobiya can appear at the kid who in infancy was shipped in too big bathtub, accidentally dropped during bathing. Those children and adults who at least once in life sank can get such reaction too. Fear of water – a phobia quite resistant, but this reaction, as well as any other, it is possible "to forget" kind of.

How to get rid of an aquafobiya?

There are main recommendations which can help to get rid of this unpleasant phobia:

  1. The most effective way to remove fear of depth of water is to learn adequately to float. For this purpose it is necessary to find the competent instructor, and gradually, without forcing events, to begin to be on friendly terms with water. Do not follow at all advice of people who recommend to throw the person who is not able to swim, into water that he "came up". Such stressful method can aggravate your fear.
  2. Choose the most comfortable and beautiful place for overcoming the fear. Perhaps, you will surely feel in the pool, in an environment of instructors and good swimmers. But if to you the sea, the lake, the small river are more to liking, go there and try to fall in love with water, heartily. For a start just walk at a water edge, throw stones into water, then begin to enter water, slowly and gradually.
  3. Apply traditional ways of fight against phobias. If you like to draw, art therapy to you in the help – draw the sea, the ocean, the lake, yourself in a reservoir. Let the picture will be bright, cheerful. You play about rhymery – write the verse on water, or just write the list of pleasures which are still inaccessible to you because of a hydrophobia.
  4. Change your perception of water for positive – meet at a city pond with darling, boat, organize at the river a picnic with shish kebabs. The set of bright impressions and pleasures will remove psychological rejection of water.
  5. Work on yourself, overcome the phobias, and your life will find new paints, and you will become more free and self-assured personality.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team