How to multiply plant

How to multiply plant

It is more reasonable to sow some plants seeds. Perennials grow quicker if to seat rhizome. Some vegetable cultures make multiple copies tuber crops. Trees – scions. And fruit bushes – shanks. But what way you would not make multiple copies plant, the main thing is to observe agrotechnology.

It is required to you

  • seeds, shanks, rhizomes, soil, shovel, fertilizers, water, watering can


1. Make multiple copies annual vegetable plants seeds. For this purpose tie strings the copies which are most arranging on consumer qualities. When they blossom and will begin to form seeds, cover them with gauze. It will protect from biting of birds. Let's seeds ripen. If there was threat of night frosts, tear off seed boxes with small part of stalk, connect in bunches and suspend on verandah or in the shed on ripening. When seeds begin to be showered freely, they can be collected in paper bags, to sign and remove till spring. To make multiple copies plants seeds – one of the easiest ways to provide itself with high-quality harvest.

2. Transplant rhizomes of such long-term vegetables as horse-radish and rhubarb. For this purpose in the fall or dig out maternal bush in the early spring, carefully disconnect sharp secateurs part of rhizome with the sleeping kidneys. Seat plants on fertilized by organic chemistry and mineral fertilizers it is abundant the watered soil. It is the most convenient to make multiple copies sorrel, shnitt-onions and other similar perennial plants, withdrawing part of "allotment". Dig out several copies thickening landings, replace to other bed. Previously disconnect if in it there is need. The same way make multiple copies pochvopokrovny perennial klumbovy plants and flowers.

3. Cut off several branches of black or red currant. Cut the top and lower parts so that there were shanks with 5-7 kidneys. Put them in water in which dissolve 1 tsp. "Ideal". When shanks give roots, they can be landed in "school" on podrashchivaniye. In the fall of the next year saplings will be ready to change on the constant place. Other way of reproduction of bush plants – prikapyvaniye. Unbend 3-4 lower branches, separately pin everyone wooden bear spear to the earth, powder with the compost earth, as required water not with really cold water. At the end of season (at spring prikapyvaniye) or next year (if trenched in in the fall) at branches will grow independent backs. They can be cut off secateurs, to dig out and replace to the constant place.

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