How many flowers to give to the girl?

How many flowers to give to the girl?

If you invite the girl to an appointment, then it is necessary to present her a bouquet of flowers as it is observance of rules of etiquette. For this reason guys worry concerning a question how many flowers to give to the girl on the first appointment and what. It is important, for the reason, that the representative of a fine half of mankind understood what intentions at you. Girls pay attention to all nuances, up to a look, color and amount of colors. Pay attention that the quantity was odd.

How many flowers can be given to the girl?

Here everything depends on what species of flowers you decided to present to the girl. Often orchids can be given on one or three pieces, bigger quantity them in a bouquet will look not so attractively. On one flower it is also accepted to give chrysanthemums, lilies, callas. If you think how many flowers to give to the girl, having stopped the choice on tulips or gerberas, they should be bought from 3 and more. It is possible to make even the mixed bouquet where there will be various flowers. The composition of the similar plan looks stylish and elegantly. It is better to wrap up bouquets with a large amount of colors that it held a form better.

How many flowers need to be given to the girl?

Everything depends on financial opportunities. Suffering a question how many flowers to present to the girl and without having the necessary sum on roses, you can get the budgetary option which can be not worse to order, for example, composition with a lilac and tulips. The prices of flowers often depend on a season. At the end of spring, peonies, the same tulips, a lilac are very good. Surprise the girlfriend with lilies of the valley which will help to express the most tender feelings. Today alstromeliya which are visually similar to lilies enjoy wide popularity and are considered as their budgetary option.

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