How to avoid the conflict of the child and parents

How to avoid the conflict of the child and parents

Still yesterday your child was obedient and tender, and today in it as if the demon of a contradiction who so pushes the kid was installed to be spat, go obstinate and roll up hysterics. What to do how not to follow the tastes of emotions and not to break on the child, having spoiled these day to both him, and itself?

If the situation allows, try to ignore the little rowdy. If you do not look at the child, then do not contact to him, go about the own business, without letting out him nevertheless from field of vision. The kid quickly loses interest in display behavior, having lost target audience. As soon as he calms down, do not forget to emphasize how you like his good behavior.

If aggravation is only about to happen, then it is possible to try to switch attention of the child to something other than a quarrel subject. There will be it a bright toy, unexpected focus or by the way the zasignalivshy car, solve. The phrase can even help: "Oh, whether and it lisichkin the tail flashed just in a window?" Whims will be forgotten.

The child in the heat of a quarrel is already ready to knock the offender or even you? Embraces will help. Seize the kid in an armful, strong press to yourself. By a firm voice tell that his behavior was wrong. The child, feeling your persistence, will gradually calm down.

Encourage its aspiration to independence! Grant option: to eat fried eggs or omelet for breakfast, to remove toys before walk or later. "Having consulted" to the child, you will let to it know the importance and deprive of the reason to be capricious.

Be not fond of abstract concepts, simple and clear words you tell to the child the requirements, you ask it to repeat about what you ask it. The tone of your speech has to be benevolent and quiet. Children thinly feel when you begin to fly into a rage that provokes them even more. Always explain why you do not like his behavior, but not just establish the fact.

If you have to threaten the child with punishment, do it only when are really ready to execute promised. If, having softened, you buy the forbidden ice cream, include animated films or take the rowdy in a zoo, be ready that your words will not be perceived seriously and the following whims will not manage to be stopped thus any more. Use threats and punishments it is dosed and behave consistently if it was necessary to take restrictive measures.

Actively listen to the child, show that are always ready to support and take part in his small problems. Distract from affairs, fall by the level of growth of the child or put him near yourself, assent, specify, show the interest. Such habit of friendly communication serves as fine prevention of the uncontrollable conflicts with children.

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