How to become necessary

How to become necessary

Feeling that somewhere not to do without you: in family whether at work, among friends – very much flatters. On the one hand, reach it at the price of everyday work, physical and emotional. On the other hand, it is so pleasant to realize that you are necessary, your proximity is invaluable.


1. To be necessary for someone, first of all, do something like that without what in collective, houses really not to manage. For example, learn to cook well, to beautifully serve the dishes. Then your members of household will look forward to you at home to try a new culinary masterpiece, and being without you, will understand that "they as without hands" when you there is no house.

2. Before wanting to become necessary, set to yourself a number of questions. For whom you want to be those, why, for the sake of what what personal aim you pursue? And honestly answer these questions. You should not carry out blindly the tasks from other people set for you. But have to follow the purposes, reach them.

3. At work strongly take in hand some let one, but important front. For example, you hold on the personal computer coordinates with important clients with whom your firm cooperates.

4. Find such occupation for yourself or sphere of activity in which to you will not be equal, and you will be a pioneer here. That is you have to not only find the place in life, but also manage to make it the first.

5. If in you there are hidden talents – show them. If you consider yourself untalented (but such people, according to scientists, just are not) – become the unique efficient employee or the mastermind of others on some actions.

6. Attend psychological trainings on which tasks on overcoming are set. That is on the solution of some tasks which to the person seemed earlier difficult and impracticable. Ask at the same time to yourself a question: Whether "I will be able to make it?" Also do attempts to realize conceived in reality.

7. Know the own worth, be even a little selfish for this purpose. You will believe in the irresistibility and necessity - will believe also you. Respect yourself first of all if you want that respected you.

8. Let in a positive the life. Do not allocate the thoughts with words: "I am necessary (is not necessary) to nobody". Such spirit attracts to itself loneliness and bad luck. You are necessary very much to someone nearby! It is only necessary to see, notice those to whom you are necessary.

9. Do not inflame yourself and the knowledge, experience, talents, opportunities. People appreciate specifics and from you around too. Choose one purpose in the achievement and follow it, you will not notice yet that it was embodied even better in reality, than you expected.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team