How to behave with the husband's children

How to behave with the husband's children

It is not so simple to improve good relations with foreign child. For him you are an enemy. You took away from it the father. Even if it not so, all the same he is completely confident in it. There are several rules which will help you to cope with this problem.

Marriage can break up, remain parents for the rest of life

The child has a bit different relation to a situation, than at adults. His reaction will depend on age of the kid. The one-year-old child will almost not notice changes. The minimum losses will cost also the five-year-old kid. And here for the teenager it can become the present tragedy.

It is important to explain to the child that parents, as before, love him. That the father remains his father. It is very important that it is the child heard not only from mother. The father's wife has to speak with him on this subject too.

Do not allow permissiveness

That the child did not push to you around, it is impossible to allow him everything. The first year will be especially difficult. The child can be rude, can will become reserved, and is able to afford free tricks. You have to make him remarks. The main thing that the father in it supported you. He in the opinion of the child has the right to bring up it, unlike you.

Do not condemn

It is impossible to speak about the child's mother badly at all. Similar subjects have to be under a ban for you and your husband, such talk can offend very much the kid and lead to undesirable consequences. And from the moral point of view it in general is inadmissible.

Leave them alone

Remember that the child came to meet the father, but not you. You should not interfere them with communication. But there are situations when the child himself makes contact. Then you can go for a walk or play something together.

Any plots

Any, second family should not enter with the child a plot. Type phrases: "Let's go to a zoo, only do not speak to mother", are categorically inappropriate. You thus teach the child to lie. And to lie to mother. It can have a sense of guilt before mother. And it, in turn, will damage to its mentality.

Be honest

Do not give to the child the forbidden products, whether it be sweet or sparkling water at all. It is not necessary that the kid decided that with you it is better, than with mother. If because of your carelessness problems with health begin, all good attitude to you will thaw without trace. And it will be very heavy to return it if it is necessary to tell. Be better honest and attentive.  

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