How to cope with parting

How to cope with parting

One of the most heartrending experiences in life is a parting with darling. It is impossible to avoid pain when parting, however it is possible to recover from a gap far quicker if to get it together and to follow several simple advice.


1. You do not keep emotion in yourself. Surely tell about what you feel to the close girlfriend, to the friend, one of relatives, generally, talk about the experiences to any loved one who sincerely will sympathize with you. It will help to be exempted from strong emotions, thereby, to worry parting will be easier for you.

2. After parting try to get rid of things which remind you of the former darling. The way which you at the same time will choose depends only on your own preferences. It is easier for someone to tear all photos and to throw out gifts (it especially helps when parting is the result of treason), and it is simpler to someone to put all memorable bagatelles in a box and to hide it to the storeroom or a far corner of a wardrobe.

3. If you have such opportunity, try not to be crossed at least the first two-three months with the former darling at all. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make it if you are fellow workers or you communicate with the same company of friends. But even in these cases if parting pain is simply not endured somehow to keep the peace of mind, temporarily do not communicate with mutual friends. If you are colleagues, reduce communication to the minimum necessary for performance of working duties.

4. Try to be distracted by something positive to fill the emptiness formed in life. Options there can be a set here. For example, sports activities or favourite hobby. If you do not love sport or you have no hobbies, try to distract by means of daily walks. It is even better if you have an opportunity to go to a travel even if it is a trip to the neighboring city. Only keep in mind that you should not visit those places where you often were together. Otherwise parting pain will only flash with a new force.

5. If after parting with darling the empty apartment and lonely evenings became the biggest test for you, get to yourself the pet, for example, a cat or a dog. It will help you to switch to cares of a pet. Besides communication with dumb animals very quite good medicine from a depression which usually accompanies parting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team