How to determine temperament of the man by socks

How to determine temperament of the man by socks

Socks – that part of clothes which the man practically never leaves. Respectively also chooses them "under himself", and it means that they can tell a lot of things about the owner.

Classical black socks

Such socks are chosen, as a rule, by the man preferring classics in everything. He is self-assured, exacting and everything tries to do by rules. Very seldom changes the habits, preferring life "on knurled". You should not expect from it spontaneous acts in life, something such in a bed. In a bed with such man there will be everything as it is necessary: and a gentle prelude in due form, and the finishing chord. Yes, all it is good, but it is painfully monotonous.

Short socks under sneakers

The man with active living position, leads a healthy lifestyle, stylish puts on. It is always surrounded by women, than he very much is proud. Still the teenager he studied "Kama Sutra" and is ready to show the abilities. And still on the lover from capital letter he does not pull, too hurries to show to the partner all abilities – she just is not in time behind him. The only thing that remains to show it in practice all important role of preliminary caress.

Different socks

If the man puts on not the pair socks stretched or with a hole, it is simpler not to pay attention to it. To speak to him about it it is useless, he is interested in problems of universal scale and not that standing. But intimate it will approach affairs with all responsibility. Will study all hollows and cambers, will find G point even if it does not exist. However if strongly is fond of search, then will not notice how you very long time ago sleep.

Socks with the amusing drawing

At such man with sense of humour everything is fine. Likes to surprise, admire and even to shock. Classical sex at all not for it. It is necessary to be ready to be engaged in "it" on the beach, to somersault in a haystack, to study role-playing games. However at all variety in intimate life, the man preferring amusing socks is quite selfish in a bed and it own pleasure, than yours worries more.

Dark socks in a strip or the geometrical drawing

The vulnerable and sentimental man, likes suit small surprises. He is a visionary on life and in a bed. Tells many imaginations to the partner, and suddenly will agree to turn one of them into reality. Also will not take offense if it refuses to it once again. Caressing the partner, will always sensitively monitor her reaction and to adapt to it to give as much as possible pleasure. The truth for some it can seem too gentle in a bed.

Knitted socks

Mother's knitted socks the man carries, as a rule, timid. He is lovely, modest, touching and most likely, it is quite inexperienced in love games. Therefore the partner should work and train him in all. In turn, he will try very much and over time will become the excellent lover.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team