How to find a common language with darling

How to find a common language with darling

Fine feeling of love, it gives wings, you feel absolutely happy. In the world there are only two — it and you. However there passes time, sharpness of feelings not that any more, household problems became at the head. You feel that you begin to move away. But do not despair, an exit always is, and it is possible to find a common language with darling always.


1. For a start remember the past. As you spent together evenings that was done what music was listened what movies were watched what you spoke about. Also try to realize it again. For example, arrange a romantic dinner with elements from "antecedents". Against it practically any man will not resist.

2. You give more heat, especially when you alone. Do not hesitate to put the feelings into words, and it is unimportant that he also so perfectly knows that you love it. Heat and tenderness never are superfluous.

3. If something does not suit you in your relations, talk about it directly. The man's hints are not understood, as a rule, and therefore not loved. But consider that the conversation has to be quiet and reasoned so be prepared and adjusted on the necessary wave in advance.

4. Be more tolerant to the man. If he wants to keep silent now, do not exasperate him with a talk or persuasive questions. Each person needs personal space, it is necessary to happen alone with to itself from time to time. The more you encroach on this space, the more he will move away from you.

5. You learn to conduct dialogue. Attentively listen to the point of view of darling, do not interrupt at all and do not raise the voice. If he is not right as it is possible more softly let it know it. Then your man will be sure that he will never be derided for mistakes.

6. Do not talk to the man only about sore. It is not always interesting to it to listen to your women's issues. For such talk there are girlfriends. Look for those subjects for a conversation which will be interesting to both of you, it is desirable not raising everyday issues.

7. Learn to listen carefully also with interest. Even if you do not know what is the driveshaft and that with it is done, do not begin to yawn and say that it is boring for you. Interest of his partner is very important for the man. Who knows, maybe, over time, its hobby and hobby will become your general.

8. Trust the partner. Continuous interrogations and claims to very few people will be pleasant. The mistrust destroys. Especially, based on your personal conjectures and too played imagination. If there are no facts confirming your fears, then think and whether it is worth sticking to it with inquiries. It is necessary for the man that he and in him was believed.

9. And the most important - smile more. Be friendly, try to keep always good mood even if very much were tired. Remember that first of all the wellbeing and rest in the house depends on the woman.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team