How to make the relations it is more interesting

How to make the relations it is more interesting

There passed not enough time, and the first heat of passion when you looked only at each other, died away. To you still well together, but the routine already tightens. If you do not want that joint life to remind the swamp covered by ooze it became necessary to make certain efforts.


1. Find the general hobby. It will be interesting to you to be engaged in common cause together. It can be collecting of brands, joint fitness classes, playing music or parachute jumps. Anyway, the general hobby is a never-ending subject for a talk, it will give to your coexistence additional interest, will make you active and will present a set of positive emotions. And positive emotions unite.

2. Give each other a little freedom. If all of you spend time together and do not uncouple hands, over time at you will be less subjects for a talk. Everyone has to have the separate circle of contacts, exactly from there you will bring to the general center something new and interesting. Also do not try to make without fail the friends the general, sometimes it is necessary to have something only, intimate. As it is strong you loved each other, you are the independent taken place persons. You each other are also interesting to these.

3. Do romantic nonsenses. Order on the house bouquets of flowers not concerning joint anniversary, and just like that. Enclose love notes in a pocket that darling found them absolutely unexpectedly. Read verses under the star sky, and at restaurant order "your" song and invite the partner to the slowest dance. A few romantic "firewood" will do only good to your family center.

4. You are published. Even if your nest the coziest, it is worth leaving somewhere that people around saw you together. Visit theaters, exhibitions, at least once in a month have supper not houses, and in cafe or at restaurant. Do not refer to the shortage of money! Look at posters, in your city free cultural events are for certain held. And some exhibition "City Life of N-skoy of the Province in the 19th Century" will become the real event and a subject for discussions.

5. Arrange joint adventures. Buy tickets for the electric train and go for the whole day to the neighboring city. Wander on unfamiliar streets, examine local attractions and read memorial plates. And can better, having taken a tent and a sleeping bag, to go by bicycles, up hill and down dale? And to go so far you will not be found by night...

6. Surprise each other. You know the partner in-and-out, you do not wait from him for anything sudden. And you for it for a long time not a riddle. As the hero of the well-known operetta spoke: "My wife – the read book". However, then he had to recognize that it passed in this book "... the most interesting pages...". So save the partner from this boredom. Surprise him with either unexpected ability, or an act, or a dress. Even if you should make great efforts to learn to dance a tap dance, believe, surprise and delight in the opinion of your darling will pay back these efforts a hundred times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team