How to note on February 14

How to note on February 14

St. Valentine's Day which was initially celebrated only in the Catholic countries for only several years found unprecedented popularity in Russia. Long before February 14 in shops there are hearts in all types - from soft toys to lollipops, and posters dazzle with announcements of parties in honor of a holiday. This day all loving couples consider a duty to spend romantic evening with gifts and pleasant surprises. And even those who are lonely can celebrate as a result not bad, or perhaps and to meet the half.


1. If you prepare romantic evening for the beloved or the beloved and want to make a surprise, think what your half will be delighted most of all to. It is possible to learn about her preferences at friends or relatives. Look at posters: perhaps, this evening in the city the favorite band of your young man acts or at movie theater there is a movie with the favourite actor of your girl.

2. It is possible to celebrate a holiday also at home, having created the romantic atmosphere. it is desirable that in the apartment you were together, from columns the light romantic music, and from kitchen - smells of tasty food reached. Remember that the best dishes on St. Valentine's Day those which contain the aphrodisiacs exciting substances: seafood, strawberry, nuts, raisin. It is optional to make all dinner independently, it is possible to order sushi or pizza not to stand at a plate. But here the dessert has to be in your execution, for example, cake in the form of heart or just red jelly, decorated with whipped cream, will make an indelible impression.

3. For those who are not limited in means, can become on February 14 an occasion to go somewhere together. Here everything depends on your imagination and finance. You can have the room for newly married with a jacuzzi in one of hotels of your city. And you can get out to the nature, having reserved the room in some holiday house in the middle of the wood in advance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team