How to receive blessing of parents on marriage

How to receive blessing of parents on marriage

Wedding – an important event in life not only both newlyweds, but also their parents. Children matured and become independent, now they have the road to lives. Parental blessing was the certain sacrament opening a way to new life for future family at all times.

It is required to you

  • - words of blessing;
  • - bread and salt;
  • - bench hammers;
  • - icons;
  • - candles.


1. A wedding ceremony of blessing of newlyweds by parents – an important part of a wedding ceremony in spite of the fact that young people independently decide with whom their destiny will be connected. Parental blessing is the most touching ceremony which will not prevent any couple of newlyweds.

2. Parents, think in what way you will bless children on marriage – on orthodox canons or a modern ceremony (without respect for orthodox traditions and an obligatory post). Think up the words of blessing. In this case, your speech will be touching and sincere. Come into church, and the father will prompt you suitable lines. On the websites it is possible to find the most various words of blessing – both in prose, and in verses. Charge to write the parting speech to the screenwriter. It will be the most expensive, however, perhaps, the most successful option written especially for you. Try to avoid officialese and banal rhymes said at each wedding.

3. Prepare bread and salt, the embroidered wedding bench hammers, icons (usually it is icons with Jesus Christ's image and the Mother of God) with which you will meet young people. Meet young people on a threshold, at an entrance to the house, with icons, bread and salt. After repayment of the bride the witness should appeal to parents about blessing.

4. The bride with the groom, approach parents, having kneeled before them (on the outspread bench hammer or a wedding towel) and having inclined the heads.

5. Listen to parting words, touch with lips icons. Bow to parents three times, showing obedience and consent with them. It means that the bride leaves the parental house with their permission.

6. Go to a registry office, now you are protected by the parental blessing, parting words bringing good in your future strong family.

7. At the end of a wedding feast the parents should light candles, carrying by them from one table to another. The last light candles on a table of young people that symbolizes a course of life through which mothers bear fire and heat of the hearts.

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