How to reduce stress and to calm nerves?

How to reduce stress and to calm nerves?

Modern rate of life cannot be imagined without stressful situations. The chief at work abused, got nasty in the minibus, neighbors flooded – all this the external irritating factors which adversely affect nervous system. After such unpleasant life situations often you ask a question: and how quicker to reduce stress and to calm nerves - let's understand!

The first that occurs - it is intake of sedatives. Now the pharmacological companies provide demulcents in wide assortment. Advertizing dazzles with various medicines for strong and nerves of steel. Here only the few list of medications which are capable to calm nerves and to reduce stress:

  1. Novopassit, consisting of the whole complex of grass extracts.
  2. Persen (the main components are the valerian, a melissa and a peppermint).
  3. Negrustin whose basis the St. John's wort enters.
  4. Dormiplant (it is created on the basis of ethanol, also contains a valerian and a melissa).
  5. The phytosedan which part a large number of medicative and soothing herbs is.

All these listed medicines of plant origin also have sedative effect on central nervous system, but it is necessary to accept them courses. Soothing substances of such means are capable to collect in an organism and to resist to nervous vozbuzhdeniye further.

And here, to recover nerves after a severe stress it is better to use medicines-tranquilizers which have the stabilizing effect on all organism in general. They save from feeling of alarm, phobias and promote improvement of a dream. Treat such medicines:

Before application of tranquilizing means it is necessary to consult with the attending physician. Course treatment by such medicines should not exceed 14 days. If a stress very strong, then the expert can appoint repeated treatment after a break.

How to put nerves in order after a stress?

If the unpleasant situation arose at work, then here to relax and calm down happens quite difficult. In such situation because of instant emotions it is possible to lose a workplace about which then there will be regrets. Therefore it is recommended to drink a cup of green tea which contains natural antidepressants. Chocolate, especially dark, is also capable to help to reduce the cortisol level (stress hormone) in an organism. Besides chocolate is capable normalization of a metabolism.

Later, having come already home, it is possible to take the heat weakening bath with addition of aromatic salts or oils. Well essential oils of mint, a bergamot, grapefruit and almonds calm. It is possible to add them all together, and it is possible to use also everyone. The main thing to lie in such bathtub not less than 10-15 minutes to calm nerves.

Before going to bed, to get rid of a stress, it is better not to watch aggressive transmissions and movies. It is better to listen to the weakening quiet music.

What to do if nerves are exhausted by constant stresses?

If life consists of constant stressful situations, then perhaps it is time to change such vital image. There is several advice which will help to make it:

  1. Surely allocate time for rest, it is desirable in the fresh air. It can be walks in the park, trips to the nature, country actions. The stress often arises against the background of chronic fatigue and constant tension. Therefore it is necessary to learn to relax.
  2. Healthy nutrition – one of the main sources of healthy nerves. It is necessary to eat the products containing a large amount of vitamins and mineral substances. Alcohol needs to be excluded from a diet completely. It is possible to indulge himself various goodies of type of chocolate, bananas and nuts. They promote production of serotonin - happiness hormone.
  3. Sports activities distract from evil thoughts and keep all organism in a tone.
  4. Meet with friends and the family more often. Companionship leads to positive emotions.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team