How to sign a card to the girl

How to sign a card to the girl

Today, when the Internet became a part of our life, people more often send electronic cards, forgetting about ""paper"" romanticism. There is a huge number of the websites with ready options of recognitions, but most often they sound is banal. And it is necessary not just to write a post as we got used to do it on the Internet, but also to bring a certain sense in the words, to make so that the girl pleasantly was surprised, estimated an unexpected surprise.

It is required to you

  • Card
  • Marker


1. It is important to pick up the card which is the most suitable to a case. The drawing should not be persuasive or too bright. The picture can serve as a certain address to the girl therefore the choice of a card it is worth treating also seriously, as well as contents.

2. Write the address as it is possible more simply, without wasting words. Write the text, but not too long - you should not confuse a card with the letter. In a card it is important that it was remembered and caused a storm of positive emotions. You well know, than your girl is fond, features of its character - use it. Your attention to its interests is very important for her. Try to do without quotes. Touch upon any general subject, history, a situation which is clear only to you to two, something that unites you. Write couple of words which in eyes you hesitate to tell - it will give sincerity and sensuality to your message.

3. Think over original addition to registration of a card. For example, draw something amusing, but touching. It will be very pleasant to your girl even if you have no special talent for drawing. Remember that the most successful will be that card in which you put heart and soul.

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