How to spend evening with the guy

How to spend evening with the guy

The appointment with the man of the dream is a responsible and concerning event, and each girl dreams that it was remembered also by it, and to her partner for a long time. As far as your joint evening will be memorable and original, depends only on you – think up, than you will be engaged and as you will spend time to deliver also to the guy, and yourself a pleasure maximum.


1. If you meet already for a long time, try to recreate your first appointment – sentimental romantic memoirs will bring a lot of joy to you and your guy and also will introduce a fresh note in your relations. You will be able to feel again as if just got acquainted, and it will well affect the atmosphere of romantic evening.

2. Each of you for certain has a favourite place with which nostalgic memoirs – for example are connected the place where you spent childhood or with which at your guy some positive emotions are connected. Gather and go to such place together – such travel to the past will be able to become for both of you an unusual adventure.

3. One more way it is original to spend joint evening is to make it creative. Think what you are able to do, and create beautiful dance for the darling, sing the song of own composition or present it the verses. Your creativity will become for it a pleasant and touching gift which it will keep for many years forward.

4. Present to the man on the eve of the appointment a set of romantic cards which he has to find in the most unexpected places – from own pocket to the fridge. Also you can decorate the apartment in which you live with the man, balloons and tapes and if there is such opportunity, then it is possible to decorate also his workplace.

5. If you do not want anything specific, you can arrange yourself joint rest and enjoy inaction – to watch movies, to listen to music, to take together a bath, in common to make a tasty dinner. And of course, one of the best ways to diversify joint romantic evening, an erotic game is – think up the scenario which will surprise the man, or try new types of sex with which you were not familiar before.

6. Present yourself and it new impressions – and it concerns not only erotic impressions, but also your hobbies. If your guy always wanted to jump with a parachute or to paint a picture, present it such opportunity.

7. Try to turn the house for one evening into expensive restaurant – make an original and tasty dinner from exotic dishes, please the man with an unusual dessert, and in the final of a dinner present it the gift given by own hands. Apply imagination – and then evening will become for both of you unforgettable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team