Kiss in an hour after acquaintance

Kiss in an hour after acquaintance

Someone waits for this moment several weeks, others put term in two or three appointments, and is also such who does not refuse a kiss in an hour after the first meeting. Which of them is right?

How to understand that it is time?

Generally, there are no strict criteria in this question. Today the youth is constrained by no especially rigid moral standards in this respect, and everyone makes the decision on admissibility of a kiss or even intimate proximity independently. But how to make this decision? Everything is simple – listen to yourself.

Sometimes one view of the person is enough to understand that it to you is nice also sympathy this mutual. And happens so that the relations between the man and the woman are tied gradually and very slowly., It seems, there is no hostility, but also special desire to kiss – too. It means that it is necessary to wait a little more. Perhaps, at the next meeting you will feel that you are ready to a kiss. But there is also it that it does not occur. Then the relations further most often do not develop.

When you do not kiss

Situations are different. Sometimes in an hour after acquaintance you are already ready to follow the man though on the world's end, and happens that you feel that it is necessary to hold off a kiss a little. It is not necessary to hurry and in case the man is pleasant to you, but you do not want it to encourage too strongly. Alas, the stronger sex can sometimes misinterpret such behavior of the girl and draw a conclusion on its availability. You remember though today any rigid framework it is in this respect not established, it will be much more pleasant to man to think that your kiss is a merit of his personal charm and some efforts. Though the kiss to anything especially does not oblige you, remember that it is a certain stage in the relations of the man and woman. And this stage demands a certain proximity. For an hour to learn enough about each other it is almost unreal, think whether it is worth kissing the person who is almost not familiar to you? And the speech here not about moral ethical aspect of a question, namely about your personal feelings and outlook on life.

Kiss – not a reason for acquaintance

By the way, there is one curious theory about kisses at the very beginning of acquaintance. Her authors assure that at the time of a kiss the man and the woman can understand whether they want to continue communication or it is possible to say goodbye and any more never about each other to remember. That is the decision is made by not your intelligence or heart, and a body. In the course of a kiss in an organism there is a production of hormone of pleasure, besides, partners can draw some conclusions on passion of natures of each other and understand as far as to them well together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team