Myths about men

Myths about men

How many there is a mankind, it is so much we, women, we try to understand men. And all the same in the judgments often we make mistakes. Here the most widespread...


1. It is necessary for all of them only odnoma got used to think that cultural and family wealth is not so important for a strong half of mankind, as for us that sex for men above all. Here not! Both men, and women equally dream of the serious relations. Perhaps, you just met not those guys?

2. The way to heart of the man lies through zheludokeshche not one woman was not allowed "to band" darling, having used as weapon a pan and a serving spoon. Culinary talent of the woman — only the annex to other her advantages. Of course se, half-cooked pasta and the put too much salt meat can become the cause of quarrels. But if the man loves you, he will get up and will prepare something tasty.

3. The man has to be a little more beautiful than a monkey beauty — a concept relative. Someone likes men like Danny Devito, someone faints only from guys similar to Keanu Reeves. But all of us pay attention to appearance! The one whom we love — the most handsome man in the world! Of course, you can consider that the guy of your girlfriend "is a little more beautiful than a monkey", but keep the thoughts around, otherwise you learn all truth the elect.

4. All men change. Believe, guys also gather in a close men's circle behind beer and reflect on a subject: Whether "There were on the planet Earth faithful women?" We do not acquit men — what they poligamna is recognized as science. But and in your environment there are knights whose fidelity does not raise doubts. Means, you have a chance to meet "exception to the rules".

5. Today any more not ostalosyeto saying means real men that once (20, 40, 100... years back) knights was a dime a dozen. Ask the mother, the grandmother whether it was easy for them to find the soulmate whether heroes of last years of women forced to shed tears in a pillow. Most likely, you will hear the story of disappointments... And it means that only times change, and men and women remain the same... And if your mother was lucky, and as result of love, you were born such charming, so and you have a chance to become happy, having met true love!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team