Psychology of men in the relations with women

Psychology of men in the relations with women

Men and women so differ from each other that sometimes it serves as the reason of constant disagreements in their relations. Just as it is difficult to men to understand women, and representatives of the weaker sex quite often are at a loss in understanding of words and actions of the elects. How to learn to understand men's psychology and what to make not to be afraid of the possible conflicts — about it and the speech in this article will go.

What is men's psychology

In broad understanding, psychology is a science about regularities of formation, development and functioning of mentality of the certain person or group of people. Proceeding from it, the men's psychology differs from the general term only in an object of a research as which in this case the man or group of men acts.

The difference in a way of thinking between representatives of different floors is quite obvious as women and men have absolutely different values, styles of the solution of problematic issues and differently assess identical situations.

To facilitate to itself a problem of acceptance of such difficult satellite, it is important to acquire the following characteristics practically of each man:

  • obstinacy;
  • the superman's complex (most of men wants to look the defender in the opinion of the woman);
  • primitiveness of desires and ways of achievement of the desirable (men can choose the simplest solutions of tasks from all presented while women grab the first presented option);
  • weakness to a praise and need for positive assessment of everything made (without positive reinforcement of all actions, any man will not want to surprise or please more the woman);
  • straightforwardness and lack of resourcefulness (it is much more difficult to Adam's followers to think out the sophisticated action plans in various situations and to spin intrigues what you will not tell about women);
  • predisposition to stressful situations.

Whether you know? On average, to get used to any type of activity, the person needs about 66 days. However a lot of things in this plan depend on specifics of the chosen activity: for example, for transition to healthy nutrition the average person needs 55 days, and here for formation of a habit to sport it is necessary to take away 75 days.

All this is only the main points of interesting men's psychology, but at initial stages of its study it is very important to accept and comprehend them. Further this informative skeleton will acquire all new and new details which as a result have to lead the woman to the answer to a popular question: what is wanted by the man.

Men's psychology

In all spheres of activity of the person the men's psychology significantly differs from women's, but first of all these differences are noticeable in personal relations and in the attitude towards the darling. Further the main nuances of psychology of behavior of men in each of these cases are considered.

In love and the relations

Unlike female representatives, men even in love are guided by logical thinking therefore it seems to many women that they are insensible and stale. However it is possible that in the aspiration to receive the desirable each of them will make a maximum of efforts for gaining the darling. By the nature, all males are hunters, so, will try to do everything possible for receiving the production.

We advise to esteem about manifestations of men's jealousy.

In respect of love and long close relations they are not inclined to count behavior for the years ahead, the momentary satisfaction is more important for them, than illusive happy life in the future. Physiological requirements and instincts in this case always come to the forefront therefore while the woman already dreams of the cozy house, children and happy family life, her partner still interests only more sex on the basis of which it also builds all relations.

It is more important for some men, others pay to the matter a little less attention, but for all this aspect is priority on the basis of what further relationship is based. In this case, intimate relations are the purpose, and love — means of receiving the desirable.

In a situation with the woman everything occurs exactly the opposite, besides it is easier for it to fall in love, than to admit it, and males can admit those feelings which upon are absent that is also their psychological feature. Lyubov often wakes up only to those whom they really respect while their darlings respect those with whom fell in love.

In other words, representatives of different floors have different needs for love and personal relations. In a case with a male comes to the forefront:

  • belief in its forces;
  • lack of reproaches from the companion;
  • appreciation for care;
  • admiration of achievements (even if they are insignificant);
  • approval of all made decisions and promotion of efforts.

Important! Any action or a statement towards the man has to be the most sincere. You should not give yourself for that whom you are not, to play all life it will not turn out, and after opening of the truth your elect can be disappointed and lose any interest in the woman.

If the woman is able to give all this, then it is possible to consider that such relations will be long and happy, especially if she feels care, support, sincerity and recognition from the elect.

In the attitude towards the woman

Female beauty — the first what men pay attention to, and kind of they proved the return, the fact remains. Only in certain cases, when development of the romantic relations began with friendship, everything can be on another: in such situation males have usually enough time for assessment of other female qualities.

That the relations developed, both partners should put a lot of effort into it, but the truth that a lot of things in the matter depend on efforts of the woman. Knowing that the man always wants to seem the hero, is much stronger than it, it is necessary just to allow to feel to him it, having created an image of gentle and fragile creation.

At the same time, it is worth taking care and of the elect, every time convincing it of own indispensability. In the relations with women it is important to man to feel necessary, and then he will make every effort that also she felt comfortably near it.

Well and, of course, you should not forget about intimate relationship. How many you tried to approach the elect in the psychological plan, without sex it is simply impossible. So it developed that such communication is the most important for men, and all other relations are under construction already around it.

What is wanted by the man

Many women look for the answer to this question for years as even at external simplicity most of men are a difficult riddle. However, there is also a number of the general female characteristics which will be estimated for certain by each of them.

We advise to esteem that is loved by men in a bed.

That there was a good hostess

If the husband is a getter, then his wife is the keeper of a home designed to create to the partner the most comfortable conditions in time off. Such state of affairs remains during the millennia, and even despite professional employment of many modern women.

Purity in the house, tasty food and well-groomed children — the main men's requirement to the wife because of what the good hostess for many equals to definition the good wife. You agree with it or not, but the fact remains and the wise woman will always consider it.

That there was a respect and mutual understanding

Emotional connection in the relations — not their last component therefore the mutual respect and mutual understanding are welcomed always. Having provided to the elect psychological comfort and supporting him in all undertakings, you will create it the most acceptable conditions for the further growth and development, and it is absolutely unimportant, in professional area or in the personal relations. You do not hurry to condemn him for offenses — important smoothly to bring him to understanding of a mistake, showing the respect and readiness to help with any situation.

Important! It is optional to you to agree with all requirements of the partner, but it is worth expressing personal opinion in the most correct form, in advance having studied other point of view. Comparisons with other, more successful people and continuous reproaches in inaction — absolutely not that it is necessary for the man.

That was not bitchy

The concept female bitches is rather indistinct in consciousness of different men, so, and they perceive bitchy behavior differently.

Nevertheless, many of them refer the following nuances of behavior to the characteristics of such persons:

  • ignoring of messages and phone calls;
  • constant demonstrative scandals, mainly in crowded places;
  • high-regularity and unwillingness to reckon with others interests;
  • constant demonstration of the importance;
  • high level of egoism;
  • inconstancy in views.

At the same time, despite such behavior, in life the female bitches have no accurate tasks. They just like to attract attention and if also the young man indulges all their whims, then it is possible to consider that life was successful. The vast majority of men does not accept such attitude towards itself therefore as soon as the lovely companion begins to show the character and to row, prefers to save itself from her company at once.

Councils of the psychologist in the relations with the man

Each person needs to feel the importance and importance in someone's life therefore and in relations between the sexes the mutual understanding and support of each other play a primary role in construction of the strong relations.

Whether you know? In the presence of the woman the male appetite significantly increases therefore they can eat 93% more pizza, than at representatives of the floor. The doctor of philosophy of Cornell University Kevin Knifin who conducted this research came to such conclusion.

Considering features of male outlook, psychologists recommend to women to follow the following rules of conduct with the elects:

  1. To respect the partner, regardless of quantity of the mistakes made by it. Learn to hear the man, to forgive him, to thank and show the maximum condescension. Only that person who is capable to look at the world under different corners, in view of opinions of other people tries to obtain mutual respect.
  2. Learn the man every day. Never be obsessed only with the desires, any relations do not tolerate egoism. Try to focus on desires, thoughts and feelings of the partner, to foresee his actions in any given situation, to try to avoid the conflicts because of misunderstanding and different views on life.
  3. Find a common goal in life. While people look in one direction, at them always everything turns out therefore support your partner in his undertakings, try to like this idea and be adjusted on a positive harmony. Opening of joint business, moving on other residence or the birth of the second child — all this has to be considered by both spouses that often allows to avoid crisis in the relations.
  4. You are not rude to the man and always keep the femininity. Nobody likes to be an object for aggression slopping therefore if it is necessary, you ask for help, but never shift responsibility for personal failures to the elect.
  5. Pay due attention to sexual life. Intimate relations — an important component of any union, especially for males. Therefore, regardless of that, what do you do in everyday life, satisfaction in sex — one of the main criteria for harmonious and happy relationship.
  6. Leave to the man of rather personal space and try not to interfere with it. Life of people should not be limited only to family duties therefore if your man is keen on fishing, sport or any other type of activity — you should not forbid him to do favorite thing. The excessive jealousy and total control will not lead to anything good.
  7. Do not take offense on trifles. Men love positively adjusted, optimistic women therefore if you keep the elect in emotional pressure all the time, soon he will want to get rid of it.
  8. Pay attention to tastes of darling. You should not focus attention only on yourself: try to study the man's habits, to find out what is pleasant to him, and periodically please him with small surprises.
  9. Show the feelings more often, without allowing the partner to doubt love for it. In this case not words, but acts are more important though the verbal communication complemented with the corresponding gestures cannot but make a due impression.
  10. Well and, at last, try to distract periodically from household problems. The daily family routine yet did well to nobody therefore always you find time for each other, visit together movie theater or get out to a picnic. Such pastime will positively affect couple relations, giving to both partners new positive emotions.

Men are equated not for nothing to children — at all the severity and force, they need approval, tenderness and understanding from the woman, quite often trying to obtain the whimsical behavior. The clever and judicious woman always knows how to calm the elect and not to aggravate a conflict situation, in particular, adhering to the above recommendations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team