Rose and candy stage

Rose and candy stage

The rose and candy stage is very important for future relations of two people in love. For some men it is a peculiar way of self-expression, self-affirmation, for others, it is an opportunity to take the initiative, especially, when the woman allows to do it and accepts courtings of the partner. However most of men believe that the rose and candy stage is important only for girls, and all this boring romanticism is especially not necessary to the real man, and you should not spend time and forces on such nonsense. Let's try to find out whether the rose and candy stage is necessary to the man and if it is necessary, then why.

Rose and candy stage in the relations

The nature put the courting period in the relations of opposite sexes. According to psychologists it is a necessary stage after which the relations between people in love move to a new level. However many men begin to look after the woman not for the purpose of a marriage, and for the purpose of fine pastime both in the sexual plan and in respect of communication. Of course, if the woman does not accept courtings, hardly communication and meetings will be long, and here if the man correctly behaves (to give flowers, gifts, compliments, etc.), then he can receive a lot of things from the representative of a fine half of mankind.

The rose and candy stage passes at all couples differently and on terms it can be and short, and several months, and even year can last. Some men load with presents the darlings fur coats and diamonds, others shower in flowers, the third devote verses, someone makes mad acts, etc., anyway the man tries to win the woman, to surprise, make her happy. Who knows, can the relations having a bright rose and candy stage will develop into very strong and close-knit family.

What gives a rose and candy stage:

  • possibility of self-expression, manifestation of imagination;
  • lifts a self-assessment since the man begins to feel the importance;
  • at this stage of people can understand whether met the half or to it to continue search of true love;
  • the rose and candy stage helps to know better the person, to understand his inner world, to reveal pluses and minuses in its character;
  • gives positive emotions which, certainly, positively affect both on health, and working capacity.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team