To what posledsviya does conduct smoking?

To what posledsviya does conduct smoking?

Meeting on the street of the person with a cigarette in a hand, today already nobody is surprised. Only sometimes old women stop to abuse the young lady for the fact that it damages the health. But as practice shows, even preventions of the Ministry of Health help with fight against this addiction a little. The ban on smoking in public places so far has also no effect. All this says only that fight against smoking is a personal record of each smoker. And every time, getting the next cigarette, it is worth remembering consequences of the actions. We will also tell about them in more detail.

Negative consequences of smoking

The main danger of dependence on cigarettes is that their destructive action cannot be seen to an aided eye. And it proceeds at slow rate. Not for nothing nicotine is called the slow murderer. Influence of smoking affects first of all a cardiovascular system. Further lungs, a brain and internals begin to suffer. What occurs in the person and what consequences practically each victim of an addiction can expect from smoking, we will consider in more detail:

  1. Cardiovascular system. At each inhalation of tobacco smoke the delivery of oxygen to heart is sharply reduced, and in blood hemoglobin is blocked. It can lead to obstruction of vessels, so-called "sticking" when walls of vessels are closed, and they cannot pass blood any more. A result is increase in arterial blood pressure and a myocardial infarction.
  2. After smoking of two and more packs in day within 20 years the risk of developing of cancer increases. In addition, almost each smoker has chronic pulmonary bronchitis (inflammatory disease of bronchial tubes and defeat of mucous) and also can catch pulmonary emphysema which main symptoms cough and short wind.
  3. Today smoking is the reason of the majority of strokes. Oxygen does not come to a brain in enough, blood vessels are corked, blood supply of a brain is broken and there can come hemorrhage. In 90% of cases it has irreversible consequences.
  4. Other bodies. Consequences after smoking always affect almost all organism. Scales of problem zones depend on quantity of the cigarettes smoked in day. So, for example, smoking on an empty stomach can lead to stomach ulcer and cancer. Every tenth smoker risks to get a chronic disease of vessels of extremities which leads to gangrene and amputation of extremities. Smokers, whose age is more than forty years, are exposed to risk of developing of cancer of bladder more often. Also the reproductive system of the person which under the influence of nicotine and pitches can lose function of reproduction of posterity absolutely suffers from smoking.

Smoking consequences practically always wait for everyone who cannot leave a cigarette. For this reason it is worth thinking how to leave off smoking. But even if the person managed to overcome nicotine addiction, to relax early. For the sake of maintaining health it is necessary to win not only addictions, but also their consequences.

How to get rid of smoking consequences?

Already in a day after refusal of smoking the arterial blood pressure returns to normal, and the organism begins to come out pitches and other hazardous substances. However process of clarification can last for years. Today it is known that the organism is completely restored after smoking only seven years later. To accelerate this process it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, to play sports or at least to do physical exercises and also is healthy, nutritious food, vitamin-rich and minerals.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team