What it is not necessary to expect from the married lover

What it is not necessary to expect from the married lover

If it happened so that you lost the head from the man who is married it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account certain moments and not to create excess illusions in the romantic expectations. So there will be much less disappointments and offenses. What it is not necessary to wait from the relations with the married man for?

The fact that the lover by all means marries you. Only ten percent of adulteries come to an end with leaving the wife and new marriage. Much more often the man just retires when the mistress begins "to press" him concerning a marriage.

Expensive gifts. If you were lucky also your lover – well-founded and that is not less important, the generous man, then this point – not for you. But in most cases you should not count that the married lover will fill up you with rich gifts. He has a family which is the main consumer of his resources. And to you – that will remain.

Joint carrying out festive and the days off. Alas, these days you should fill with another matters because your darling has to see off them with the family. It is good if manages to escape to you for a couple of hours, it is necessary to be content also with it.

Expansions of the general circle of contacts. You should not hope that the married lover will seek to enter you into the circle of contacts and to get to yours. It does not need excess witnesses of your secret relations at all. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules, for example: when at the lover "broke a roof" and he is afraid of nothing any more or when the relations stable and last for years.

Reciprocity of feelings. The harsh realities of life confirmed with psychologists: it is necessary for women on one dish a tax and love, both romanticism, and sex, and to men – it is preferable only sex. Therefore derive pleasure from communication, but not too bother concerning its romantic feeling. As soon as the married man feels danger to the wellbeing, its lyrical spirit will disappear suddenly, and together with it - and he.

Sympathy and support at the moment necessary to you. When to you feels depressed or the help is necessary, you will not be able to call the beloved at any time not to cause him troubles. Even if write – not the fact that he will react in time. Work and tranquility of family are more important for him, than your whims and problems. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team