What to do if the girl often gives slap in the face

What to do if the girl often gives slap in the face

Relations between the sexes seldom are cloudless and do not suffer from abundance of problems. It is not necessary to reconcile to it, but also to overcome obstacles and misunderstanding, being guided by the general recommendations, it is impossible. Each case is individual, for example, sometimes the guy suffers from frequent slaps in the face from the girl.

Reasons of aggressive behavior of girls

There is no reason without the investigation therefore and it is necessary to look for manhandling sources from the girl that it was not in the future. Usually slaps in the face are distributed by people at whom the index of aggression is raised. Reasons of such state a little: false outlook (the girl has to humiliate the guy, subordinate him to herself), the low culture of education, insufficient cultural education.

If at family of the girl there is primitive level of communication between parents when even the hint on confrontation causes physical aggression, the daughter subconsciously copies such behavior. In this case it is possible to advise softly, but to persistently convince darling of impermissibility of such tricks. Also the example of positive communication will help with your family.

But the reasons of frequent slaps in the face for the guy can be situational: nervous, social and chemical. Can be sources of aggression and purely physical - hormonal violations which are frequent at teenage age. You will be able to do nothing with it, it is necessary to wait only when the organism finishes reorganization. One of the most common causes of aggression from girls is influence of alcohol. It is not necessary even to speak about that, as alcohol, and narcotic substances need to be excluded from life of your couple.

How to arrive to the guy if the girl generously distributes him slaps in the face

If the girl over and over again gives to you slaps in the face, trying to obtain from you something that cannot be received in a different way, you have to change also the behavior. It is it must be done obligatory as the person who is constantly hurting to another begins to justify the behavior. In psychology this process is called "a cognitive dissonance". To get rid of it, the aggressor allocates the person offended by it with bad qualities. That is, if you suffer slaps in the face, so in the opinion of the girl you look a rag, the weak-willed man. Of course, it is not necessary to answer with physical abuse, but it is necessary to tell quietly and convincingly that do not allow such relation more and finish the relations. Along with it think how to introduce in your life something new and fascinating that both of you sent energy to other course, having forgotten about scandals. For removal of aggressive impulses of the girl it is necessary to find other way out, but not to accumulate them. For this purpose remarkably sports activities, tourism, team games and even shopping approach. As a result aggressive energy of the girl turns into positive emotions and is splashed out in the form of joyful laughter and cheerful dance. Notice how your darling funny jumps and shouts, having reached something the desirable long ago. At these moments will not come to her mindher mind to distribute slaps in the face! In anger there is nothing unnatural, but it is necessary to learn to express since the childhood of the child aggressive impulses in an admissible form. If not to put it in family, further the person will have problems in the relations with other people.

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