When it is necessary to leave the parental house

When it is necessary to leave the parental house

In traditional culture the situation when several generations of family lived together alone, was normal. It was simpler to big family to ensure economic stability. But in present period more and more people prefer to live separately from parents. When it is necessary to leave the parental house?


1. Time of the beginning of independent life is individual at each person. Nevertheless, there are also certain indispensable conditions for this purpose. It is desirable that at departure from the house of parents you had a certain independent income. In this case you will be able to build the life really irrespective of others.

2. One more important factor is your desires and desires of parents. If you accept joint life for the economic and emotional reasons, you can continue to live together long enough. In this case you should not pay attention to public stereotypes, the main thing that you and your family were happy with the situation of things.

3. In case you already full age, and between you and parents arise the regular conflicts because of cohabitation, then it is better to part before crisis in the relations. In this case the relations at distance can improve considerably.

4. If you decided to start own family, that is to marry or marry, then in most cases it will be better for you to move to certain housing. Even if you have in family very good relations, hardly such communication will manage to be adjusted between your parents and the spouse. Accommodation with the family can affect harmful your marriage first of all because of problems with the organization of new family life. Intervention of parents in your relations which will be inevitable in case of cohabitation can also interfere with formation of new family.

5. Psychologists do not call a certain exact age at which it is necessary to move to the housing. But it will be best of all if this period coincides with the beginning of your independent life in financial and personal spheres. In this case your moving has to be least painful for all family members including for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team