Who such nimfomana?

Who such nimfomana?

First doctors carried the term "nymphomania" only to the women having the increased sexual need and coming into chaotic sexual contacts. However today on a question who such nimfomana, the answer is wider – carry both men, and the women having the expressed hyper sexuality to such people.

What means the diagnosis of a nifomaniye?

Normal sexual desire plays a large role in human life, but at a nimfoman sexual desire blocks all other desires and aspirations. And if someone thinks that it is not so bad to have the wife nymphomaniac, this person should be upset – such woman will seek for sex anywhere and with anyone. And very often nymphomaniac's purpose not achievement of an orgasm, namely change of the sexual partner.

As for pleasure derived from sex, nymphomaniacs for one sexual intercourse usually test the whole series of orgasms. But at the same time content at them does not come – they want more and more. Not without reason in old times such disease was called "uterus rage".

Nymphomania symptoms at men and women

Only the doctor can distinguish dissoluteness from a disease. Statistically the nymphomania meets at 1 person from 2500, and inhabitants of tropical countries are ill more often. Doctors refer to signs of a nymphomania:

  • constant search of the new sexual partner;
  • very fast disappointment in any partner;
  • often arising inclination to the stranger;
  • infinite thoughts of sex;
  • the lack of interest in people as to persons, the person matters only as a sexual object;
  • frequent accidental sexual communications;
  • tendency to hysterics.

Causes of a nymphomania

Despite popular belief that the nymphomania is equivalent dissoluteness, this disease arises for the serious reasons.

  1. One of the main causes of a nymphomania – the organic damage of a brain which affected a hypothalamus. Most often it is mechanical injuries. Thanks to work of a hypothalamus of people realizes when it needs to sleep, drink, eat. And also this part of a brain regulates sexual behavior. At injury of a hypothalamus the sensitivity of genitals increases and the libido raises.
  2. Hormonal failure. This reason often overtakes the women who are in the climacteric period. Failure in work of ovaries causes violation of balance of men's and women's hormones because of what the strong sexual inclination and an itch in genitals appears. Also tumors on ovaries can be the cause of hormonal failure.
  3. Mental diseases. The nymphomania often accompanies a psychopathia, schizophrenia, a manic-depressive state.
  4. Early sexual activity. The nymphomania can develop at the girl who early began sex life because of complexes and diffidence, the shortages of parental attention.

Treatment of a nymphomania

Diagnostics and treatment of a nymphomania demand system approach with participation of different experts:

  • the endocrinologist – will find out whether hormonal treatment is necessary for the patient and will appoint it if necessary;
  • the nutritionist – will appoint the diet excluding exciting products (mushrooms, seafood, nuts, chocolate, alcohol, etc.);
  • specialists in ultrasonography and MRT – will check for presence of tumors and new growths;
  • the venereologist – will check the patient for existence of STD and will appoint treatment if necessary;
  • the psychiatrist – will appoint sessions of psychotherapy and medications (tranquilizers, soothing).

It is possible to strengthen traditional therapy by national methods of treatment. For treatment of a nymphomania the calming grass collecting which reduce nervousness are considered as effective and calm supersensitivity of genitals.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team