Ability to operate itself. How to learn it?

Ability to operate itself. How to learn it?

If we want to operate something, in the beginning it is necessary to learn to operate by itself. If we don't learn to operate the internal manifestations, the external power will constantly leave from under our control. For this purpose it is necessary to learn the highest I.

We learn the highest I when we are able to overcome Maya. What it is necessary to make to overcome Maya? The only thing that can help us with it, is will.

Initially, the will also generated Maya. With its help we can change Maya at our discretion and, after all, remove absolutely. Successfully to apply will, we need the certain skill.

The will is present at all of us! That it is fuller to begin to use this grandiose tool, we need to realize its existence in ourselves. What will help us to realize will?

The principle ""planned-made""

There is such important principle in the rajah to yoga – "Planned-made!" By means of it we can open in ourselves strong-willed manifestations. We systematically set to ourselves the purposes and we carry out them. If we don't carry out, then for this purpose there has to be the reason for which we didn't make it. It is about the good reason, but not about the excuse!

Happens so that what we to ourselves planned to make, loses the relevance or circumstances sharply change. Anyway, if we want to train will, then it is obligatory to carry out what we to ourselves conceived. And situations when we depart from the planned purposes, have to appear in exceptional cases and have the reasons.

With each planned business our will becomes stronger, with each not executed planned business, the will weakens. It needs to be remembered! In order that we carried out the majority of planned, it is important to choose correctly the purposes for achievement.

The purpose has to be real, real in that interval of time which we measured on performance. Otherwise we just won't cope and we will lose self-confidence. And here with each successfully implemented clause the self-confidence grows, the will is shown more and more, and we understand already best of all how to work with Maya.

The yoga says to us that to overcome Maya, it is necessary to connect three components. The first is the dzhnana, knowledge, the second - the ichkha, will, the third - the kriya, action. Then what it is only not enough to know.

If we have no will, and we undertake nothing, then nothing will change. Three components have to work at once! Then we will achieve goals.

When one by one the performed operation we strengthen will, to us will voleizjyavit only enough to start the mechanism of performance of the desirable. If our will is rather strong, even we will can do difficult attainable aims.

And one more. Such secret from Raj of yoga. It is very important to believe in himself! When we believe in ourselves, we disclose will better, we overcome Maya quicker and we reach higher levels of development. And doubts often feed Maya, disturb us in achievement of the goals. Therefore the yoga calls us: believe in yourself!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team