As by summer to gather in the stomach

As by summer to gather in the stomach

Beautiful and flat stomach – treasured desire of many people. The summer period, as a rule, means rest on the beach, open dresses, etc. Exactly at present especially there is a wish to look in the good shape. It is possible to gather in the stomach by summer if to adhere to the simple diet and daily to perform physical exercises.


1. Play sports. The exercise stress will surely do you good. There is the special set of exercises which is directed to combustion of fat in the stomach.

2. For performance of the first exercise lay down on the flat surface. Place legs shoulder width apart, having slightly bent them in knees. Press the waist densely to the floor. Hands arrange along the body. Strongly tuck the stomach in on the exhalation, and as much as possible lift the basin up. Be recorded in this situation within 20-30 seconds. Accurately fall. Perform this exercise of 6-8 times.

3. Receive the home position – lying on the back, tighten knees to the breast. Part hands in the parties, having pressed palms to the floor surface. Slowly raise buttocks, transferring hips at first to one, then to other party. Try that when performing exercise your knees didn't adjoin. Carry out movements smoothly, without breakthroughs. Don't tear off shoulders from the floor. Perform this exercise of 10-15 times, on 3-4 approaches.

4. It isn't less effective torsion of the hoop will help to gather in the stomach to you. This exercise perfectly warms waist muscles, strengthens blood circulation and the metabolism. Carry out torsion of the hoop daily 10-15 minutes.

5. For stomach skin maintenance in the tone regularly perform exercises on the press. For this purpose lay down on the floor, having slightly bent legs in knees. Take away hands for the head. You watch that when performing exercise the chin didn't touch the thorax, you hold it exactly. Without tearing off the buttock from the floor, slowly lift the case of the body at an angle of 45 degrees. Accurately return to the home position. Perform exercise of 30-50 times.

6. You watch the food. The correct and balanced diet – guarantee of health and beauty of the body. Consult with the specialist in the occasion of the daily menu. The experienced nutritionist, having studied the condition of the organism, will choose the optimum food allowance for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team