As it is the best of all to pump up the press

As it is the best of all to pump up the press

The weak press negatively influences work of internals, the condition of the backbone. It is necessary to swing the press correctly. During the training all parts have to be studied: lower, top press and side muscles of the stomach. Be engaged 2 - 4 times a week and in several days you will notice that the stomach became more flat, and the health is much better.

Lay down on the back, extend hands before yourself up, bend knees, lower feet on the floor. At the exhalation stretch the case forward, slightly rising over the floor, tighten the knee of the right leg to yourself. Make the breath and fall. On the following exhalation raise the case again, to the breast direct the left knee. It is necessary to perform exercise 10 times in each option. Take away hands for the head, you keep legs in former situation. On the exhalation tighten both knees to the breast, on the breath lower feet on the floor surface. Repeat exercise 25 times.

Complicate former option a little. At the exhalation raise the case over the floor and also tighten knees to yourself. On the breath receive the former position. During rise you watch position of elbows, you hold them precisely in the parties. Pulling up of the case has to happen at the expense of the press tension, but not the neck. Perform exercise of 25 times.

Cross hands on the breast. Make the exhalation and raise the case over the floor, at the breath lower it. When performing exercise try to hold the chin about the neck basis. Execute 20 rises. Take away palms under buttocks, legs arrange over the floor approximately at an angle of 70 degrees. With the exhalation tighten the left leg to yourself, having bent at the same time the knee. On the breath arrange it over the floor again. Too execute the movement the right leg. Repeat exercise 24 more times.

Sit down, bend knees, you hold hands before yourself, send elbows to the parties. At the breath allocate the building a little back, on the exhalation bring closer the case to hips, develop the breast to the left and the right elbow touch the left knee. Make the breath and again allocate the building back. On the exhalation approach the right hip, the left elbow touch the right knee. Perform exercise of 10 times in each option. Fall the back by the floor, take away hands for the head, extend legs. With the exhalation raise the left leg up, tear off the upper body from the floor, the right elbow stretch to the hip. On the breath fall. Execute this movement of 15 times. Then repeat exercise in other party.

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