Exercises on reduction of the front surface of the hip

Exercises on reduction of the front surface of the hip

Harmonious hips and elastic gluteuses – aspiration of many girls. However night having a snack prevalence in the diet of carbohydrates, the inactive lifestyle quite often follows ways to treasured desire to find the ideal figure. There is the special set of exercises which is directed to reduction of the front surface of the hip.

It is required to you

  • - dumbbells weighing 5-10 kg;
  • - jump rope.


1. Before the main training execute warm-up. She will help to increase the speed of the pass of the nervous impulse, to raise the tone of nervous system, will enhance efficiency and intensity of the training, will create and will concentrate the correct spirit for power occupation, will accelerate metabolism process, will increase expansibility of capillaries and will prevent injuries. The average duration of warm-up has to be not less than 10 minutes. This complex can include various rotary motions, exercises for legs and hands, easy jogging, rope jumping, etc.

2. For performance of the first exercise get up in situation legs shoulder width apart. Part socks on the parties. Pick up dumbbells and arrange them along the case of the body. Gradually squat, reaching the parallel of hips with the surface of hips. On the exhalation return to the home position. This exercise burns the mass of excess calories in hips and effectively tightens all muscles of legs. Repeat squats for 3-5 minutes.

3. The following exercise in the technique is very similar to previous. Reaching the point of the parallel of hips with the floor surface, it is necessary to execute the sharp jump up. After that accurately land on the front part of foot. Pay attention: when performing exercise you shouldn't unbend completely knees and not to seek to receive position of the skier (intentionally parallel feet). Thus, you will manage to remove in short terms excess fat in the field of the front surface of the hip. Repeat exercise within 3-5 minutes.

4. Performance of the following exercise demands good balance. Execute the squat, holding dumbbells in hand. In the lower point (hips are parallel to the floor surface) transfer weight to the right leg and, gradually rising, take away the left hip accurately to the left-up. Return to the home position. Repeat exercise on other leg. Such movements strengthen all muscles of legs, allowing to get rid of excess weight in hips. Repeat exercise for 3-5 minutes.

5. For performance of this exercise lay down on the plain surface of the floor on the right side. Take the dumbbell in the left hand and arrange it along the case of the body. Slowly take away and give the hip up. Repeat exercise on other leg. Carry out it within 3-5 minutes.

6. Run with high lifting of the knee also effectively reduces the volume of the front surface of the hip. Get up directly and arrange small jog directly in the room. Try to run softly, without knocking legs on the floor. There will be quite enough 2-3 minutes of run to receive positive result from the training.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team