For what occupations yoga are necessary

For what occupations yoga are necessary

For the last decades the yoga won fantastic popularity around the world. And in our country it became difficult to find the city in which there would be at least no school or section of yoga. What's the reason? Than the yoga is good and for what it is necessary? To find answers to these questions, it is necessary to find out for a start that the yoga represents. In representation of most of inhabitants it is the complex of improving exercises. In fact this phenomenon is much more difficult and diverse.

So, it is impossible to pass to practice, without having studied the theory. The concept of the yogi came to us, as we know, from the Indian culture; in translation from Sanskrit the word "yoga" approximately means "union", "unification", "to connect". Scientists find the first mention of yogas in Rigveda (Book of anthems), the most ancient book on Earth which is the part of the Veda – religious Hindu texts.

The yoga is more, than just the number of physical exercises, it is serious philosophy. It is considered way of knowledge of the world, the self-development method, the link between soul and the body. Yogis considered the human body not as the dungeon, but as the temple of immortal soul. And this temple it is necessary to protect and try to keep it as long as possible. For this purpose there is also the yoga.

At the psychological level of occupation yoga promote relaxation, spiritual updating, disposal of the stress and depression, finding of sincere harmony. In yoga there is the set of the directions, including, created by her modern adherents, in particular: chi kung yoga, the ashtana-vinyasa, yoga for children, etc. Main types of yoga are: Hatha yoga, the rajah, the niyana, bkhakt, the karma, Nitra, it is necessary also the mantra. Each of them is calculated on the solution of certain tasks, for example, the Hatha yoga - it is the basic, elementary look ideal for beginners and for those who are engaged in brainwork. To decide on what type of yoga suits you, it is desirable to read reference books. Among other things It should be notedIt should be noted also indirect positive influence of yoga. The yoga is inconceivable without respect for norms of healthy food, without studying any given the practician of clarification of the body and consciousness and following of rules of Akhimsa. Akhimsa is not act of the evil not only in words and acts, but also in thoughts. The person is obliged to eradicate in himself rage and anger and to be cleaned from negative emotions, otherwise to him not to reach Harmony. Unfortunately, getting injured cases at occupations are frequent yoga. What's the reason? The yoga doesn't demand any special preparation, the problem consists in its competent and gradual assimilation and also in search of the good teacher. The yoga also has the number of contraindications. First of all – scoliosis at which the asymmetric, individually picked up exercises are required. Then – mental disorders, epilepsy, oncological diseases, the increased intra cranial and intraocular pressure, etc. In spite of the fact that the western person hardly comprehends essence east the practician and exercises, even to the beginner regular trainings by yoga will help to strengthen, at least, immunity, to take excellent physical shape and to reach composure.

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