How quickly to shape up

How quickly to shape up

The problem of how quickly to shape up, arises with enviable regularity. Long New Year's holidays with traditional feasts promote formation of extra kilos. And to the holiday doesn't prevent to get more slim figure that on the beach to look worse than the others.


1. The question of return of the former form arises more often at people who don't lead active lifestyle. When the person spends many hours behind the desktop, muscles become sluggish, and excess calories are steadily laid off in fat folds. As a result of the shape of the body lose the outline, and for their return it is necessary to begin to move actively. Register in gym. If to you not to liking power loadings and the exhausting trainings, do swimming, water aerobics or dances. Any loading, main thing will approach - attend classes regularly. Also you remember that visits of the gym shouldn't turn into the sad duty. Stock up with the positive spirit and motivate yourself with future results.

2. The next important point of process of return of the form - healthy nutrition. Reconsider the diet - not only that you eat, but also meal time. Consider calories, don't eat high-calorie food before rest or the dream. In this case all calories won't be spent, and will be laid off in the form of fat. Exclude animal fats, replace them vegetable. Don't use fast food, sweet sparkling water and beer. Distribute food during the day so that its most part fell on the first half of day, during your motor and intellectual performance. After 18 hours it is better in general is nothing, except for apple or the glass of kefir.

3. One more significant step to acquisition of the tightened figure is the use of enough clear water. The fact is that water actively participates in processes of cellular exchange, at its deficiency in the organism the large amount of unnecessary substances, or slags accumulates. They complicate processes of the normal metabolism and promote adjournment of fat cages. Therefore drink not less than two liters of water daily, besides, drinking it on an empty stomach, you will eat smaller quantity of products.

4. Follow these three simple rules at the same time - then your figure will quickly come to the good shape.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team