How to change complexity of exercises

How to change complexity of exercises

The person who is regularly engaged in physical exercises through some time notices that it has already not enough habitual number of approaches and he can make much more, and the effect of the previous level of occupations decreased and the result already so pleases. It means, time to change complexity of the performed exercises and to move to new, qualitatively higher level came. How to do exercises is more difficult and more effective for you personally, and we will talk in this article and we will in more detail consider on the example of the most popular exercises.


1. First of all, it is necessary to understand why there comes the moment about which it was told above. The fact is that working on the body, you give the certain loading to the muscles. At first loading absolutely small, for example, 10 squats and 5 push-ups a day. Muscles of the modern city person, as a rule, are almost in the atrophied state and in the first days for them even such simple exercises – already serious loading. And the organism begins to work.

2. In one or two weeks, you will notice that these 10 squats (or any other exercise) are given you much easier, and you can make more. Do. Raise the bar up to 15 and do exercises now not once a day, and two: in the morning and in the evening. In several days you will be able to perform exercise on 20 times.

3. When you reach figure 25, stop on it. It doesn't make big sense to increase this number. Work some time, performing for once one exercise this number of times. When and it comes to you easily, begin to complicate exercises, without rising higher than figure 25. How it can be done? There are several examples.

4. If you are wrung out, then try to change distance now between hands (put them closer or further), it is also useful to change also position of palms (from itself fingers, in the parties, inside) and even to bring together them in the fist. When and you easily cope with it, add cargo (put the child on the back or something another with the suitable weight).

5. In squats, apparently, it is difficult to think up something, the complicating this exercise. Nevertheless, there are ways. For a start, try to squat so that your heels remained on the floor, but didn't rise. To very few people it comes easily from the first. This way is important not so much for the top part of legs how many for joints at the ankle. Developing them, you very much will help the legs to carry you on the ground. One more way to complicate squats and to tighten hip inside. Put legs together so that heels well nestled to each other, and socks were directed in different directions. Put hands on the belt and begin to squat. You watch that heels were together all the time (it is possible to tear off them from the earth). Do this exercise so many time how many you will be able.

6. As for pulling up on the horizontal bar, here everything is very simple. Everything that you need to do, it to change distance between hands and to try other capture (inside and outside). It will be possible to add also weighting compounds later still to lift loading.

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