How to invite to the game

How to invite to the game

Happens so that you want to play basketball, hockey or soccer, but you can't gain enough players for the match. Then it is necessary or to change the plans, or in proud loneliness to drive the ball. If you after all want the game to take place, study recommendations below.


1. Ring round friends. The easiest way to take people for the sports game is to ring round acquaintances and to invite them in due time in the appointed place. Here everything depends on your environment. If you have many acquaintances who like to drive the ball or the washer, then you will easily cope with the task for this first step. Besides, ease of the task depends on the sport chosen by you. For example, to play streetball there will be enough also six people and if you want to play soccer on the real field, then players there has to be at least 22. And hardly you will find so many acquaintances who will be able to gather in at one time all in the second case. Even on the weekend you shouldn't count strongly only on phone calls to play soccer.

2. Create the subject at the forum. The place where the easiest to gain for the game the large number of strangers – specialized sports forums. Create the subject, write there game time, its approximate place and whenever possible level of players whom you wish to see at the game. Otherwise because of the different level of the technique and training of participants, the game can lose the sports intrigue. Also there is the danger that to you will communicate not really comfortably with the new casual acquaintances. However here it is necessary to place priorities: whether you want to play the small, but familiar company, or want to play the real game, but with people, new to you.

3. Go with the ball to the playground. Quite often teams for games are made spontaneously and quickly. It is only enough to come to the football field or to the basketball platform and to begin to warm up. In the presence you the ball, as a rule, immediately will have fans of game sports which will keep you the company. The main thing that with weather you were lucky.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team