How to learn sambo

How to learn sambo

"Self-defense Without Weapon" - the domestic system of fight consisting of the number of painful receptions and allowing to show successful resistance to attack of stronger or even the armed opponent. The sambo consists of two departments: sports — fight of sambo — and fighting, including methods of self-defense and special receptions.


1. In any of cases, it is better to register in professional section where will develop the special technique for you. But if you already have any skills, then can perfect them independently, by means of the detailed instruction downloaded, for example, on the Internet.

2. Studying methods of self-defense pursues also other aims, for example, to reduce the number of accidents. But anyway the recommended methods of self-defense are calculated only on restraint of the hooligan which you faced. The certain minimum of methods of self-defense which need to learn: release from captures; to be defended in kicks of the unaided person; to be defended in kicks by the knife or the stick; to be defended in firearms at the close distance.

3. Constantly you remember that you study self-defense, but not attack. If there is no attack fact, then and it is impossible to use the studied methods.

4. To study methods of self-defense, pick up to yourself the partner, or organize the whole group (4 - 6 people). Precisely define time of occupations, considering that one occupation – 40 - 50 minutes. Be engaged 2 - 3 times a week. At the beginning of each lesson the general warm-up (8 - 10 minutes) is obligatory then be paired off. You have to work in a complex: in each couple "forward" does several times in a row the caused attack. "Defended" perfects the studied self-defense reception. Then change over. Repeat so until reception isn't fixed and perfected.

5. Study receptions without resistance. Movements have to be fluent, without breakthroughs and at the beginning of study are schematically investigated. At the first sensations of pain, you have to give the prearranged signal, and the opponent to weaken capture. Don't forget about regularity of trainings.

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