How to learn to float to the adult

How to learn to float to the adult

It is very important to understand why the adult didn't learn to swim. In many cases the reason lies on the surface – fear to drown. It doesn't allow the successful man to monitor the movements, and pushes it on the thought of depth. So what isSo what isSo what is is necessary to make to overcome it and, at last, to learn to float?

It is required to you

  • - pool;
  • - sea;
  • - form for bathing.


1. Be convinced independently that water holds you on the surface. Of course, you should spoil the hairstyle a little. Come into water on breast level (even is possible a little less). Gather air in lungs and plunge under water. Then clasp with hands the bent legs and, at last, come off the bottom! It from you won't get to anywhere. You will feel how pushes out you upward. Return then to initial situation. Do this exercise until you aren't more sure of yourself.

2. Realize the fact that your legs it is heavier than water. They by definition aspire down. Here what you need to make: come up to the breast into water and be developed to the coast by the person. Plunge under water. Then abrupt movement make a start from that place on which you stand, directing the body up and forward. During performance of this exercise of the leg and the body there have to be straight lines, hands – on seams, and you – are relaxed to the maximum. You will notice soon that the body will aspire to the vertical position.

3. Understand that movement speed in water depends on work of your legs. Also learn without tension and fear to move on water. Perform the previous exercise, but with footwork addition. You shouldn't bang too strongly on the water surface as you will lose a lot of energy. Work as legs evenly. Try to move as soon as possible, spending less energy. All above receptions will help you to master swimming, at the same time having spent less time, than in usual section of swimming.

4. Constantly practice. Register to the pool with "short water". First to you will enough popraktikovat these exercises and in the pool in 25 meters. Look how others swim, and make the first steps in this case. Now, when you aren't pursued any more by fear that it is possible to drown, just swim as often as possible!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team