How to prepare muscles for the training

How to prepare muscles for the training

Sports activities, undoubtedly, bring huge benefit to the organism. They not only tighten the figure and do stronger joints, but also promote strengthening of the immune system of the person. It is proved that systematic trainings help to get rid of fatigue, to remove nervous tension and to struggle with the stress. However injuries in sport happen too therefore to reduce their probability, it is important to prepare muscles for performance of exercises correctly.

General rules of preparation of muscles for the training

In any kind of sport the loading should be increased gradually. That is why the one who never did even ordinary gymnastics can't start the strengthened trainings and weight exercises at once. It can lead to stretching or the rupture of muscles, problems with joints and musculoskeletal system injuries.

It is possible to prepare the body for serious trainings by means of exercises with body weight. For this purpose begin to swing the press, to be wrung out from the floor, to do chin-ups and to run surely. In gym, at serious approach to sports occupations, load of heart is necessary very big. Therefore it is important to strengthen at first the cardiovascular system, and to make it simplest by means of daily jogs. Only when you will be able to be wrung out easily from the floor not less than 50 times and to run 2 km, it is possible to go to the gym and to be engaged with burdening.

Before any training surely carry out warm-up which will smoothly prepare muscles and all organism for serious training. All athletes attach it huge significance, insufficient stretching and the warming up of muscles can be fraught with serious injuries which consequences are capable to close the road to sport at all. Time of performance of warm-up has to be not less than 15 minutes.

Stretching exercises of muscles

Begin warm-up with stretching exercises of muscles. Get up on socks, raise hands up and stretch all over. Then make bendings in different directions, without having forgotten to reach hands toes. If there is the opportunity, sit down on the floor and move apart straight legs as it is possible more widely, then stretch hands to one foot, then to another. Get up, make legs deep lunges forward, then in the parties, stretching muscles of hips and area of the groin.

Articulate gymnastics

Pass to articulate warm-up. Execute rotary motions by hands in humeral and elbow joints, twist in different directions brushes. Then make rotary foot movement in the knee joint and surely pay attention to feet which also should be rotated in different directions.

Aerobic exercises

Finish warm-up by aerobic exercises. Make energetic swings hands and legs and not less than 10 squats. Jump on the jump rope within 7-10 minutes – it will prepare not only muscles, but also heart for the training. If you are going to run, jumps can be replaced with the fast pace from time to time passing to the accelerated run. And before occupations with weighting it is useful to execute also during warm-up push-ups from the floor and pulling up on the horizontal bar. Thanks to it muscles will be completely ready to the training, and sense from it will be much bigger.

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