How to pump up a quadriceps: the best exercises

How to pump up a quadriceps: the best exercises

Strong and harmonious legs — a dream of many athletes, the rolled muscles demonstrate endurance and high physical training. Regular exercises strengthen inflow of blood to bodies of a small pelvis, unload knee joints that serves as prevention of various diseases. Today we will consider a set of exercises which will help to pump up a quadriceps.

What is a quadriceps

Quadriceps (Latin Musculus quadriceps femoris) — a chetyryokhglavy muscle which occupies all lobby and a part of a side surface of a hip, consisting of four muscles:

  1. — forms by a straight line a front convex part, takes part in bending and extension of the lower extremities.
  2. Medial wide — makes an internal part, functions are similar to above-stated.
  3. Lateral wide — is placed on a side surface, participates in all motive processes of legs.
  4. Intermediate wide — is located between medial and lateral, is involved at jumps, run and squats.

Whether you know? 70% of the general muscle bulk of the lower extremities are the share of a quadriceps.

Importance of warm-up

Any training, though in the gym though houses, it is worth beginning with a warming up and an extension of muscle fibers. Warm-up gives training a number of advantages:

  • reduces risk of getting injured;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • increases elasticity of muscles and ligaments;
  • makes active nervous system;
  • increases efficiency of a training.

The best exercises for a quadriceps

On structure the chetyryokhglavy muscle is executed from two types of fibers: fast and slow, responsible for a statics and elasticity respectively. Considering the morphological building, a number of exercises is developed for pumping of a quadriceps.

Get acquainted with an effective set of exercises for fast weight loss of legs.

Squats with a bar

It is the basis of all trainings promoting a set of muscle bulk. When performing the most part of muscles of the lower extremities and also backs is studied:

  1. Signature stamp of a bar arrange on a back part of the delta and a trapeze, widely part hands.
  2. Put legs a little more widely than shoulders, develop socks outside.
  3. Make a deep entrance, straighten a breast, pull together shovels, raise a chin.
  4. Execute squat with giving of a basin back (imitate a prisazhivaniye on a chair), optimum depth position of a hip parallel to a floor is considered.
  5. Rise, resting on heels, without the springing movements in the lower point.
  6. You keep knees in the top point slightly bent.
  7. Inhale and repeat exercise, squat without breakthroughs.

Frontal squats

The mechanics of performance is similar to above, the difference consists in arrangement of the weight calculated on bigger strengthening of a quadriceps:

  1. Hold a signature stamp on a front part of shoulders, having crossed hands and having put them over a bar, elbows parallel to a floor.
  2. Having recorded a weighting compound, execute exercise according to the equipment stated above.

Squats with dumbbells

For the purpose of unloading of a backbone start the following exercise:

  1. Take dumbbells in both hands, lower along a trunk (optimum weight for women — up to 5 kg, for men — about 10 kg).
  2. Setting of legs at shoulder length, you hold the head and a back directly, having slightly caved in.
  3. Inhale and execute squat, a bend in a knee joint at right angle, dumbbells at the level of calves. Be recorded for 2 seconds.
  4. Exhale and return to a starting position.


Are carried out by means of the exercise machine thanks to which load of lumbar department decreases:

  1. Densely press a waist to a mobile basis, undertake hands hand-rail, establish a foot on an inclined surface.
  2. On a breath slowly sit down, having formed a knee bend a right angle.
  3. On an exhalation get up, placing emphasis on heels, not unbending knees completely.

Squats on one leg

By means of this exercise you will pump over not only muscles of the lower extremities, but also improve coordination, sense of equilibrium:

  1. Record a hand on a support (Swedish wall, a chair back, etc.).
  2. Transfer weight to one leg, bend the second a little and take away forward.
  3. Having inhaled, sit down, having bent a basic extremity.
  4. You hold a back exactly.
  5. On an exhalation come back to an initial position.

Attacks with a bar or dumbbells

When choosing this equipment it is important to consider readiness degree, gradually increasing loading:

  1. Take a weighting compound.
  2. Get up exactly, having slightly bent knees, legs on width of hips, straighten a breast.
  3. Inhale, step forward, transferring weight to a basic extremity, sit down on it, bending knees at an angle of 90 degrees.
  4. Get up from attack, placing emphasis on a front leg, back put.

Press legs on the exercise machine

Thanks to lack of load of a backbone, exercise will be ideal for people with a weak back and the beginning athletes:

  1. Press the head and a waist to a sitting back.
  2. Foot arrange on the platform at shoulder length, having slightly developed outside.
  3. Shift the platform up, remove stoppers.
  4. Undertake handles, fixing a body in a motionless state.
  5. Having inhaled, lower a plate to a right angle in knees.
  6. Having exhaled, squeeze out weight upward, without straightening a leg up to the end.

Press one leg

For performance use the equipment specified in the previous block hold and push out the making heavier plate one leg.

Important! You monitor statement by a foot: placing them is closer to the upper edge of the platform, you load a big gluteus, at shift down — a quadriceps.

Leg extention on the exercise machine

The basis of this exercise includes isolation of separate group of muscles, for the purpose of giving of beautiful relief view to them:

  1. Sit down, having placed legs under the roller.
  2. Hold a back exactly.
  3. Make an exhalation, bring the lower extremities into the situation parallel to a floor, second of endurance.
  4. Inhale, bend legs, carry out exercise smoothly, at slow speed.

Quadriceps extension

That pain after the trainings did not disturb you, we will tell how to stretch the worked muscles:

  1. On one leg. Get up directly, take away the bent leg back, clasp a shin, reach a heel for a buttock, knees together. Carry out for 40 seconds for each extremity.
  2. On one side. Lay down on the left side, put the head on a hand, bend the right leg in a knee, elastic movements reach a heel for a buttock. Performance time — 30 seconds, then turn on other party.

Program of trainings

Before a training you first of all need to decide on the purpose of occupations: to build up muscle bulk or to work over endurance and the general tone. Proceeding from it, the basic program of a training for beginners is developed:

Training purpose

Number of repetitions

Number of approaches







Set of exercises for the house:


Number of repetitions

Number of approaches

Squats with dumbbells



The Bulgarian attacks (on each extremity)



Attacks back with a bar (dumbbells)



The quadriceps models a form and a bend of a hip. The correct technology of performance of exercises on a quadriceps — pledge of a beautiful relief of your legs.

Read in more detail as it is correct to squat on one leg as it is correct to do frontal squats with a bar as it is correct to squat with a bar on shoulders as it is correct to squat in the gakk-car and as it is correct to do leg extention sitting on the exercise machine.

Make such trainings regular, and the positive effect will not keep itself waiting long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team