How to reduce the stomach

How to reduce the stomach

The flat tummy and slender waist always look attractively and beautifully, however not each person has such figure which it would be desirable. But it is possible to achieve desirable result and to reduce the stomach, it is enough to make a few efforts only.


1. No sports activities will help if not to adhere to healthy nutrition. It is optional to go on the diet, it is enough to balance the diet only. For breakfast make soft-boiled egg if got used to eat with bread, then replace it with dietary small loafs. For lunch it is possible to eat fish or chicken, previously having separated it from the skin. For the afternoon snack regale on salad from fresh vegetables or fruit, in the first case for gas station use olive oil, and in the second the fat-free yogurt. The dinner has to be the lung, but at the same time nutritious therefore the best option for it – stewed haricot or cabbage. If there was a strong wish for some sweet, then don't refuse to yourself it, the main thing not to go too far in portion.

2. Define for yourself useful products. For people with the first blood type meat, except pork, pineapples, buckwheat and seafood is useful. If you have the second blood type, then eat paprika, wheaten products, peanut and corn oil. At the third blood type add fermented milk products, eggs and fish to the diet. Eat soy cottage cheese (tofu), cod liver, meat of the rabbit, nuts and low-fat cheeses if you have the fourth blood type.

3. Not to do also without exercise stresses. The best exercise for strengthening of muscles of the stomach is swing of the press. This exercise can be diluted with twisting of the trunk and bendings forward-back-to the left-to the right. For bigger efficiency perform exercises in the morning on the hungry stomach or in 2-3 hours after the meal. For a start repeat exercise on 20 times, and every week increase loading and the number of approaches.

4. Besides maintenance of muscles of the stomach in shape, it is necessary also to burn excess fat. It is optional to ride for this purpose the bicycle or to be engaged in aerobics, it is enough to twist the hoop several times a day. Your favourite series began? Get up in front of the TV, you twist the hoop and enjoy viewing.

5. Take the alternating douche – it not only promotes combustion of fat, but also brings slags out of the organism. After hydrotherapeutic procedures you apply with massage movements on the stomach anti-cellulite cream, and the lost kilograms will definitely not return to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team