How to train heart

How to train heart

Heart is the major body of the human body. From as far as it is trained, the health of the person, his ability to maintain exercise stresses and life expectancy depends. That heart ran smoothly, he needs to be trained correctly.

It is required to you

  • sneakers, exercise bike, pool


1. Begin with calculation of the maximum allowed pulse. It is possible to count it on formula 220 minus age (number of years). The basic principle of exercises for heart – maintenance of optimum pulse which is calculated so: the value of the maximum allowed pulse increased by 70 percent.

2. If in the course of the training the pulse is less than optimum, it is necessary to increase loading. And, on the contrary, at too high heart rate of loading it is necessary to reduce.

3. Start the training heart directly in the workplace. For this purpose it is necessary to take several five-minute break during the day, devoted to physical exercises. It can be ordinary squats, jumps or running on the spot.

4. You pass to the second stage – daily foot walks. Fresh air and the movement will help to bring the cardiac muscle to the state which will allow to pass to more serious loadings. It is worth beginning with one and a half kilometer long walks, and this distance should be passed in forty minutes.

5. If pulse in 20 minutes doesn't reach optimum level, the route should be increased by 100 meters that makes about 170 steps. However time remains the same therefore the speed of movement should be increased. When at you it turns out to pass 4 kilometers in 30 minutes, you can register to the pool.

6. Swim not less than 20-30 minutes, repeating trainings not less than three times a week. Occupations in the pool have practically no contraindications. Swimming is irreplaceable for the training of skeletal muscles and heart. It doesn't give unnecessary load of joints and the backbone.

7. When there pass three months after the first training in the pool, it is necessary to start occupations run. It is possible to replace run with dances which not only perfectly train heart, but also well influence mood, raise the self-assessment and bring new acquaintances.

8. Try occupations on the exercise bike. At any kind of the training it is necessary to watch that the value of pulse was optimum. Before the occupations it is recommended to make the cardiogram and to consult to the doctor.

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