In what type of fitness to be engaged to the beginner

In what type of fitness to be engaged to the beginner

At young age when he is full of strength also energy, most of us pays a lot of attention to the physical state, being regularly engaged in various sports disciplines. With age to pay attention to physical education it is more difficult to become, the lack of time, fatigue and other circumstances affects. But just regular trainings by sport are capable to fill our life with cheerfulness, energy and to make her happy.

To begin to do fitness it is useful at any age. Especially for it we chose several options of physical exercises for women after 45 which in the month will present you good mood and vital forces and also will strengthen health, will make the figure more harmonious and attractive.


Let's begin with discipline which suits everyone irrespective of the condition of the current health – stretching. It is necessary to carry out the set of exercises on the extension extremely precisely, without haste. By means of this set of exercises it is possible to restore and strengthen muscles and joints at short notice and also to make the body more flexible and plastic. During performance of the extension it is important to breathe correctly, thereby sating muscles with necessary amount of oxygen at the expense of what exchange processes become more active. Occupations long stretching will allow to lose significantly weight even to women with ""heavy"" coxofemoral muscles.

It is possible to carry out the set of exercises on the extension both since morning, and after the main training in the fitness studio. To give to enough this process half an hour three times a week, and you will feel notable result.

Scandinavian walking

The second sports occupation which doesn't demand special preparation and will suit each woman, the Scandinavian walking is. This type of trainings gains huge popularity around the world, and all thanks to special approach when in the course of walking special sticks are used. They allow to involve 90% of muscles during the movement. Such type of trainings perfectly will be suitable for women with the excess weight, at such walking nearly 50% more calories are burned, than during the traditional occupation in the hall.

Swimming in the pool

For those who don't want to exhaust themselves with daily trainings in the hall swimming will help to restore health. Regular trainings, not less than 2-3 times a week, will have wonder-working effect. In the month after the beginning of trainings you will notice results. Swimming not only trains the respiratory system, but also heart, strengthens muscles and joints, and regular visit of the pool also tempers the organism. For those it is boring for whom to float alone it is possible to register in occupations water aerobics in group. This type of exercises suits everyone, irrespective of the state of health or age. Within the first week of trainings you will feel empowered, to raise working capacity and the dream is normalized.

Cycle jogs

During the warm season cycle travel will become the good alternative to traditional fitness. Driving this vehicle will become the excellent cardiotraining, on researches of scientists of the Purdyyu University, regular use of the bicycle more than reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases by 50%. Besides, the summer trip in the country, in the park or the forest under singing of birds, reduces stress and improves health. The main thing at cycle jogs is not to be overzealous. Choose the optimum mode and distance of driving, increasing this indicator over time.


And in conclusion it would be desirable to tell about the type of fitness which is promptly gaining popularity created by the German athlete and the coach Joseph Pilates. He developed the special set of exercises for the backbone training that allows to solve all main problems with the physical state and health. Of course, for fans of active fitness such approach can seem boring, but its effectiveness is proved on the basis of the set of researches. Regular trainings Pilates will allow to receive the beautiful bearing, flexible joints, elastic muscles and the excellent press.

You remember, for sports activities age not the barrier, but only small nuance. The main thing is desire and the correct approach. If you want to achieve excellent result, to strengthen the health and to improve health together with physical exercises, don't forget about healthy food and the day regimen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team