Pregnancy and fitness

Pregnancy and fitness

Question number one for pregnant women, especially physically active, is the subject of continuation of exercises.

Physical training can help the woman to facilitate process of childbirth. But it is necessary to treat this question with extreme care. As the priority serves the good course of pregnancy and also lack of contraindications.

The complex of occupations developed for pregnant women will help them without harm for the child to perform exercises with calculation of degree of physical intensity. The overstrain are strictly forbidden. Active physical actions increase outflow of blood in muscles, and the uterus and the placenta thereby receive less necessary oxygen.The performed exercises have to be moderate and balanced. Regular performance of loadings will help with process of the birth of the child as the muscles which passed the training become more flexible and more elastic. It has especially a positive impact on muscles and joints of coxofemoral department.

 Physical occupations well influence muscles of legs, trainings improve blood circulation, thereby preventing the probability of venous expansion.

 For women who carry out feasible trainings the process of childbirth takes place much more simply, and such patrimonial problems as ruptures of the crotch, happen extremely seldom. Excellent physical training of future mother, will help it and after the birth of the kid. Such woman will return herself the former form rather.

 Different durations of gestation are answered by certain exercise stresses. Exercises which are allowed to be carried out at the initial stages of pregnancy are absolutely inadmissible on later terms. Loads of stomach muscles first of all belong to these exercises.

 Exercises are given as a part of group in sports or medical institution under observation of the expert who develops exercises, proceeding from the condition of the pregnant woman. In a couple of hours after the breakfast it is possible to start performance of physical exercises. Proceeding from health, duration of occupations can be from 15 to 30 minutes. Pace and loadings are increased smoothly and accurately. It is very attentively necessary to watch the quiet rhythm, breath and to alternate exercises on various groups of muscles.

 Exercise stresses for the women having problems with health or pregnancy pathologies are categorically contraindicated.

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