Respiratory gymnastics: down with excess weight

Respiratory gymnastics: down with excess weight

In fight for the slim figure the most effective methods it is considered to be sport and diets. But not all can use these methods in view of the state of health, or elementary laziness. For such people there is the alternative.It is in occupation respiratory gymnastics. Some consider that it is thoughtless approach to weight reduction, however the set of the researches proving efficiency of such gymnastics is conducted. Processes of weight loss are directly connected with saturation of the organism oxygen. Processes of oxidation in the organism are capable to lead to active metabolism. Unfortunately, the ecological situation led to the fact that the bulk of the population of the planet uses superficial breath which is insufficient.

 Effectiveness of respiratory gymnastics for weight loss

There is the set of real examples which illustrate as it is possible to reduce body weight, doing respiratory gymnastics only a quarter of hour. Besides, such gymnastics improves the general condition of the organism. Pluses of the correct breath in processes of weight loss are obvious:  

- better food is digested;

- the reflexes which are responsible for arousing appetite become dull;  

- the immunity becomes stronger;

- fats are split;

- there is the energy inflow;

- nervous system equilibrates.  

Plentiful intake of oxygen in the organism accelerates processes of processing of the food which came to the organism, to energy. Acceleration of energy balance promotes faster and effective burning of the received calories. Fatty tissues are very subject to oxidation therefore the correct breath - pledge of the slim figure.One more undoubted plus is also that the respiratory gymnastics for weight loss helps the organism to be cleaned from harmful toxins and carcinogens. The proper technique of breath is capable to save from stresses, and they induce many to constant having a snack.

In what the secret of respiratory gymnastics for weight loss

Any technique of respiratory gymnastics is based on diafragmalny breath. In comparison with usual breath, it is deeper. Such breath strengthens inflow of blood to vitals and fabrics and the organism oxygenates. The main result from trainings is - youth, cheerfulness, beauty and freshness of the organism. Presently it is possible to master elements of respiratory gymnastics not only independently, but also under the leadership of skilled coaches. Deep and quiet breath is used, in all types east the practician, beginning from yoga and chi kung, finishing Slavic and Taoist practicians.

Example of diafragmalny breath In breath there are 4 phases which are distinguishable at the healthy person, in full tranquility. The inspiratory phase (breath), the delay at breath height, without pauses turns out the accelerated breath, the exhalation and the delay at exhalation height. The thorax at the breath doesn't rise, and with relaxation falls by the turn down, the relaxed stomach acts a little forward, carrying out massage of all internals. On the exhalation don't try to tuck the stomach in back, at reduction of lungs the abdominal cavity will return on the place again.

Only 15 minutes a day will allow you to achieve visible results. 

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