Set of exercises with dumbbells for weight loss"

Set of exercises with dumbbells for weight loss"

Physical activities are an integral part of any adequate system of weight loss. Special attention should be paid to exercises with a free weight as the most effective and available. Practically in each apartment under a sofa old, kind dumbbells become dusty as with their help it is possible to construct a beautiful body, it will be considered below.

Efficiency of occupations with dumbbells

Many people consider that the best ways to lose excess weight are wearisome diets and the exhausting cardiotrainings.

However experts know that correctly picked up set of exercises with dumbbells will allow not only to lose weight, but also to raise a tone of muscles long ago, having made them elastic and tightened.

Whether you know? Dumbbells are the first sports stock, they were applied in exercises in Ancient Greece.

How to choose the weight of dumbbells for weight loss exercises

The good result in many respects depends on correctly picked up sports equipment therefore it is necessary to approach its choice thoroughly. The shell has to be not only convenient and possess the nonskid handle, but also has to correspond on weight to the chosen loading. Beginners should not begin with heavy dumbbells at once to avoid injuries and stretchings. It is worth beginning with small weight — 2–3 kg, gradually increasing it in process of strengthening of muscles. Usually increase in weight is made not earlier than in 2–3 weeks after the beginning of trainings provided that initial loading does not cause difficulties any more. Ideal option for home trainings in this case are the type-setting dumbbells supplied with several disks which can be added or removed as required. Successfully to start process of a zhiroszhiganiye, it is recommended to select the set of exercises which is carried out with lightweight, but a large number of repetitions and short intervals of rest between approaches.

Important! For each group of muscles various weight of a shell is used: for legs heavier will be necessary, for hands and a back — easier.

Set of exercises for weight loss

Effectively to lose excess weight, it is necessary to approach the solution of a task in a complex:

  • it is necessary to correct food so that the number of the consumed calories was less, than quantity spent during the training and during all day activity;
  • it is necessary to pick up the exercises directed to study of problem zones of a body.

For legs and buttocks

One of the best general exercises for improvement of a shape of buttocks and hips are classical squats with dumbbells.

  1. For this purpose it is necessary to take in each hand on dumbbell, to lower hands along a trunk.
  2. To establish legs at shoulder length and to squat to a floor, without tearing off heels, at the same time the basin is taken away back, a neck a straight line, the look is directed directly, the head is not hung.
  3. The breath is made at the time of squat, exhaled at return to a starting position. Exercise is carried out in 3 approaches till 10-15 of repetitions.

Video: 5 best exercises for legs and buttocks One more useful exercise are ideal for weight loss in hips — attacks with dumbbells. Variations of this exercise there is great variety, however all main muscles of legs are involved in classical option of direct attacks forward:

  1. For performance it is necessary to establish feet on width of a basin, to extend hands with dumbbells along a trunk.
  2. Then to remove one leg forward, to take away another back, having slightly bent in a knee with the emphasis on a sock.
  3. The attack on ahead the standing leg is made, the leg which is set aside back at the same time is bent in a knee, almost touching a floor.
  4. Then, making a start a heel of the leg exposed forward, it is necessary to return to a starting position, to repeat 15–20 times on 3 approaches on each leg. The case when performing exercise slightly bends forward.

Important! During squat it is necessary to watch that the knee joint did not go beyond a foot sock, it will allow to avoid injuries of a knee and the ligaments surrounding it.

The main rule when performing attacks is parallel setting of legs and control of an angle of bending of a knee at the time of attack (it has to be 90 degrees both at basic, and at the taken-away leg).

For a back

There is an opinion that it is possible to pump up back muscles only on exercise machines, however this myth with ease can dispel a huge number of exercises with a free weight. Various drafts and shrag are capable to provide deep study of muscles, including the most important, supporting a backbone. The most popular and highly effective exercise for the broadest and trapezoid muscles of a back — draft of a dumbbell in an inclination:

  1. For this purpose it is necessary to take a dumbbell of suitable weight, an opposite hand and a knee to lean on a horizontal surface, having lowered a hand with a dumbbell down.
  2. When performing exercise the extremity with a dumbbell is taken away back to a belt, the elbow is slightly bent, shovels at the time of the movement need to be cramped, setting a hand in motion by efforts of muscles of a back.
  3. Then there is a reset. The complex in 3 approaches of repetitions on each party is carried out till 10-15.

Video: how to pump up a back with house dumbbells

For shoulders

Not many know that beautiful shoulders can be created quite simple exercise — cultivation of dumbbells sitting:

  1. For this purpose it is necessary to take in both hands on a dumbbell, to sit down on edge of a bench, having slightly inclined the case forward, to lower dumbbells down, slightly to bend elbows.
  2. Then to part extremities in the parties, setting them in motion by a shoulder joint, keeping a bend in elbows and immovability in a luchezapyastny joint.
  3. Having brought hands to a parallel with a floor, it is necessary to be late for several seconds and to return to a starting position. Cultivation in 3 approaches on 15 times is carried out.

Important! For this exercise it is necessary to choose a shell with the minimum weight, dumbbells on 1 kg will be suitable for beginners.

For hands

Perhaps, each man dreams of a powerful biceps and precisely knows how to pump up it. However on the mute most of women are dissatisfied with appearance of the top part of the hands. It is possible to overcome this shortcoming, training a biceps and a triceps by means of free weight. The biceps gets into gear due to reduction of a dumbbell to shoulders by bending of hands in an elbow:

  1. It is necessary to take shells in both hands, to develop brushes a wrist up, to lower hands down.
  2. Then on an exhalation to bend them in elbows and, cramping shovels, to bring dumbbells to a breast. At the same time hands have to be parallel, elbows are pressed to a trunk. It is carried out in 3 approaches on 10 times.

To study a triceps much more difficult as in everyday life this muscle is used extremely seldom.

Video: how to pump up hands dumbbells Most effectively a triceps will allow to put into operation such exercise as extension of hands because of the head. It is possible to carry out it both sitting, and standing:

  1. It is necessary to take a dumbbell of small weight, to clasp it with two hands, having recorded in vertical position over the head.
  2. Having bent hands in elbows, to get a shell for the head then on an exhalation to lift it before full straightening of hands. Elbows in the lower situation have to be bent at an angle by the 90th degree, shoulders during the movement remain motionless.

Also extension of hands with a dumbbell in an inclination will be useful:

  1. It is necessary to lean a knee and a hand on a horizontal bench, to take stock in a free hand, in a starting position the hand is bent in an elbow.
  2. On an exhalation the effort of a triceps unbends an elbow, and the hand with a dumbbell is extended parallel to the case.

Learn as it is correct to do a pullover lying from dumbbells, attacks with dumbbells for buttocks, a press of dumbbells on an inclined bench, draft of a dumbbell one hand in an inclination, extension of hands because of the head with a dumbbell sitting two hands and draft of two dumbbells in an inclination.

Both exercises are carried out in 3 approaches in 15 repetitions.

For a press

Elastic and strong press — it not only is beautiful and esthetic, but also it is useful for internals, this muscles provides them support. It is possible to strengthen muscles of an abdominal press by means of a complex with weighting compounds. It is possible to work oblique muscles of a stomach, carrying out the following exercise:

  1. To take in one hand a weighting compound, another to press to a trunk.
  2. Having extended an extremity with a dumbbell up, to carry out an inclination in the opposite direction and to return to a starting position. Basin at the same time has to remain motionless. About 2 approaches on 20 repetitions in each party are carried out.

The direct muscle of a stomach trains by performance of twisting with weighting:

  1. It is necessary to lay down on a back, to bend legs in knees, feet on basin width.
  2. To take a dumbbell, having pressed it to a breast both hands.
  3. On an exhalation to tear off from a shovel floor, straining a press and to raise the case approximately by 40 degrees, then to fall. At the same time the head on a floor cannot be hung to avoid excessive load of neck muscles. The complex 3 times till 25-30 of repetitions is carried out.

Video: a press in house conditions with dumbbells

Other loading will be suitable for a training of cross muscles of a belly wall:

  1. In situation on a back of a leg are straightened, hands with a dumbbell are taken away for the head.
  2. On an exhalation of a hand and leg are at the same time set in motion towards each other due to twisting of a press. It is carried out in 2 approaches till 25-30 times.

Rules of performance of exercises

In order that the training brought satisfaction and was productive, it is necessary to remember the basic rules of work with free weight:

  • any training has to begin with cardiowarm-up and articulate gymnastics;
  • it is necessary to begin occupations with weighting compounds with the most minimum weight, gradually increasing loading. This rule concerns any training: the first approach is carried out with the facilitated weight with building in the subsequent approaches;
  • during performance of movements it is important to observe strictly the equipment not to allow sprain and injuries of joints;
  • any ryvkovy effort during exercise is made on an exhalation;
  • during the work with free scales it is recommended to train in one occupation only one group of muscles (an exception are circuit trainings);
  • finishing a training with weighting compounds, it is necessary to make a small extension.

Whether you know? Occupations with a free weight provide more intensive weight loss, than long cardioloading. Process of combustion of excess fat happens not only during the training, but also within a day after it.

So, features of trainings for weight loss with application of dumbbells are considered above. It should be noted that this type of physical activity not only is pleasant the availability in house conditions, but also has high efficiency both for men, and for women.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team